How to Replace a Ceiling Fan With a Light Fixture

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What to do if a Ceiling Fan Light Cover is Stuck?

Since there are several different kinds of ceiling fan covers, figuring out how to remove one that’s stuck will depend on the kind of fan it is. For example, dome-style covers are screwed into the body of the fan.

Since you’re dealing with glass, removing a stuck ceiling fan light cover can require a gentle touch. You want to use a little bit of force, but not so much you crack the glass.

Your best choice is to either use a tool with a rubber edge like a rubber mallet or your hand. Hit the cover to turn it counterclockwise. Once you’ve moved it a bit, try to turn it with your hand. If it doesn’t turn freely, try hitting it again.


Install the new mounting bracket to the electrical box. Install the mounting screws to the bracket. Leave the screws a little long for ease of mounting the light base; they can be tightened later.


  • Before removing the round bathroom fan light cover, you will need to turn off the power supply to the unit at the circuit breaker.
  • Ensure that your hand is behind the grille or faceplate so that your fingers are protected if anything falls out of the housing assembly.
  • After making sure that no one is using this housing for fan blades anymore, unscrew the screws on either side of the frame for it.
  • Take note that some fans can just be pulled down because they are held in place by friction between them and the openings left around them.
  • Use a putty knife or flathead screwdriver to lift on each corner of the cover panel. Pull all four tabs down toward you until you hear a snap sound.

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How To Take Off Ceiling Light Cover With Screws

Ceiling light covers with screws are popular. And what’s most interesting is that you don’t need screwdrivers to remove the light’s cover. What you need are gloves and a firm step ladder that can hold your weight. You can even use a stool in place of a ladder. Just ensure you reach the light comfortably and unscrew the cover. 

Now let’s discuss the steps in detail. 

Required tools:

  • Step ladder
  • Hand gloves

Step#1: Setup the self-standing ladder:

You have to position your stepping ladder where you can reach the ceiling light with ease. Please ensure the ladder is strong enough to carry your weight. If you’re not sure of this, ask someone to hold the ladder in position. Otherwise, get a better ladder or seek other options. 

You can also use a strong chair if you don’t have a self-standing ladder. You can even place two chairs on top of each other to get to the ceiling light and unscrew the cover. 

Step#2: Put on your gloves:

You don’t need your gloves on while climbing the ladder. Wear them when you get to the top. Use garden gloves or mechanic gloves. Either of them would get the job done. 

However, you don’t have to use gloves if the ceiling light cover is clean, though chances are it could be dirty. 

So, if the light cover is clean, use your bare hands. The reason for using a glove is to protect your hands from dirty and get some traction. 

Step#3: Support the light cover:

Regardless of the material that your glass cover is made of, make sure you support it with one hand when unscrewing the knob.

The knob is what holds the light cover firmly in place. So, when unscrewing it, have in mind that the cover can either land on you or go straight to the ground. And allowing a glass material to fall from such a height to the ground won’t be good. 

So, use one hand to unscrew the knob and use the other to support the light cover. And when unscrewing the knob, do it gently. Doing so will enable you to pay more attention to the light cover and prevent it from falling off your hand. 

Step#4: Loosen the knob:

If you have succeeded in supporting the light cover, start unscrewing the knob. Use your weaker hand to hold the light cover while you unscrew the knob with the other hand. 

Step#5: Secure the washer:

The washer’s job is to keep the light cover in place. You’ll find it on most light covers after unscrewing the knob. 

However, if the ceiling light doesn’t have a washer, move to the next stage. Not all ceiling lights come with a washer anyway. 

Step#6: Take off the ceiling light cover:

The knob is off, likewise the washer. It’s now time to remove the light cover. All you need is to pull the cover a bit, and it will come off. Please ensure you don’t apply too much pressure or pull too hard. 

Alright, bravo! You have succeeded in taking off the cover on your ceiling light with a screw. You can now start cleaning the cover or replace the bulb. After that, get the cover fixed using the same procedure used in unscrewing it. 


Lift the light fixture’s base into position. Most light bases have curved, slotted holes into which the mounting screws fit. Tighten the mounting screws until the base is tight against the wall. Do not overtighten. The base should not be loose or be able to be turned easily by hand.

Final Words

All of the 3 methods that we have described in this article are simple, as you can probably tell after reading the short steps which need to be followed. Therefore, you should not have any complications in getting around the process of how to remove plastic ceiling light cover with any of the 3 methods mentioned.

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  • How to Take Off a Fan Light Cover

    This truly depends on the design and accessibility of your light cover. We will break the process down to common types of light covers, though this may not match your needs exactly. In all cases, however, you need a step ladder and another set of hands to hold on to the ladder as you work.

    Globe Cover With Holding Screws

    This is the most popular type of cover found with most fans, though modern designs have started to eschew the standard globe.

    1. Climb up the ladder to the globe. Make sure to get high enough that you can easily access the holding screws.
    2. Look just above the globe to the bottom of the light fixture for the holding screws. There should be three or four of these screws.
    3. Support the globe with one hand and loosen the screws with the other one.
    4. Eventually, you’ll feel the globe loosen in your hand. Hold on to it and bring it gently to the ground.

    Cover With Holding Clips

    These are available in many shapes, with the holding clips being the main commonality.

    1. Climb up your trusty ladder to the cover. Get high enough to reach any and all holding clips.
    2. These covers typically include three to four clips spaced around the perimeter.
    3. Look for the most flexible clip and slide it off.
    4. Remove the remaining clips, as they should have gained flexibility after removing the prior clip.
    5. Take down the cover.

    STAT: Over time, the glass cover may get wedged into the fitting due to small vibrations. It is necessary to remove the glass cover to either clean the glass or to replace the globes of the light. (source)

    How to replace the bulb in the hanging globe light?

    The following are points regarding the replacement of bulbs in a hanging globe fixture:

    • Allow the hanging globe to cool first and then begin the removal process.
    • Now, put on gloves that will allow you to turn the bulb and pull it out of the luminaire.
    • Always turn clockwise to make sure it is released first.
    • Now, place the globe on the device’s base and slide it over the bulb.
    • Make sure the threads are not twisted so that you can screw the ball into place.
    • Try to tighten the ball firmly, but do not tighten it so that it does not retract.


    Once you have learned all the steps to remove the ceiling light cover with the clips, it will be easy to remember them. You can repeat this task by removing the cover and cleaning or replacing the light inside.