How to quickly get rid of the smell of weed in my house

Air Conditioning

This is a direct answer that doesn’t need any more explanation. To get rid of the grass smoke, it is very required to have an efficient ventilation system in place. This is extremely important. Smoking below the hood of a car while turning the exhaust to its maximum setting is a practice that has been tried and tested successfully. The purpose of the range hood is to either neutralize the smoke by directing it through a filter to be expelled into the surrounding air or to inhale your exhaled marijuana and then release it into the air.

Naturally, you could simply fling open a window and let the smoke escape into the fresh air that way. Another option would be to use an exhaust fan. On the other side, there is a larger likelihood of smoke swiftly spreading from high-rise structures to the dwellings that are located in close proximity to one another. Having said that, you should keep this particular aspect in mind as it is really significant.


There are several ways to reduce the cannabis smell, which you can do before, during, or after lighting up your herb. Choose the method that works for you depending on your bud, location, and available tools. 


7. Spray an Air Freshener

People trust air fresheners when it comes to covering up offensive odors in the bathroom, and there’s no reason an air freshener can’t do the same when it comes to ridding your home of the smell of weed. These handy aerosol cans can be sprayed at the site of the problem. They work to eliminate airborne odors and fight bacteria and germs, too. Give the Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray a try. It’s clinically proven to fight odors with an emphasis on removing smoking-related smells, not just masking them like some competing products.

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Refresh your Breath

It is difficult to avoid inhaling smoke since it has a tendency to linger around and in your mouth. It is quite easy to tell if you have sneaked a joint into the office if you come in to work with the smell of cannabis on your breath. You also run the risk of being seen as unprofessional, which may hurt your chances of generating a positive first impression and of having productive conversations with colleagues or clients.

It is not difficult to make one’s breath smell fresher even when one is pressed for time. If you want to fully appreciate the flavor of your vegetables, you should give your teeth a thorough brushing before you go out the door. Your spliff should come with some gum or mints, and you should light it up while you are on the way. A face wipe may be used to eliminate the smell that is located around your lips as well as on the rest of your face. Scented candles toilet will help you avoid smoke weed.

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During Your Session

If the weather permits, keep the windows open and the fresh air flowing the entire time you partake and have the cannabis out of its air-tight container. You can also place a box fan in the window to create air circulation or open a window on the opposite side of the room. If the room you’re in has a door to a bathroom, turn on that overhead fan, too. The more air movement you have, the lower the chance of odor molecules settling into the fabric and other porous surfaces.

If you go the extra discrete route of smoking in the bathroom, turn on the hot water in the shower for a few moments and let the steam filter through to help get weed smell out of the room. Make sure not to let the water run for too long to avoid wasting water.

If you opted to light a Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle before beginning your session, simply sit back and let the natural plant oils work their magic as you smoke.

How to Store Your Stash to Avoid Weed Smell

Smoking is definitely the quickest way to make yourself and your immediate surroundings smell like weed, but sometimes your stash itself is what’s giving you away. From a gram to an ounce, if you’re storing any amount of flower in your car or room, it’s pretty likely that it will begin to smell.

Rather than constantly having to be proactive with masking fragrances or smudging sage, you might want to consider investing in a stash box–a.k.a., a smell-proof bag or container designed specifically to cover up that weed smell.

There are many different brands with their own versions of this technology. Prices range from around $15-$300 or more, but that depends entirely on how much you’re willing to spend and how sophisticated you want your stash box to be, and how much storage room you need.

If you only ever have an eighth on you at a time and mainly roll joints or smoke out of small pipes, you’re not going to require as much storage space as someone with a substantial amount of weed and several bongs, rigs, and other pieces and paraphernalia. 

From your person

Don’t forget about hygiene

Most people focus on the space in which cannabis was smoked, but cleaning carpets and countertops won’t get rid of the smell if YOU smell like cannabis. Like cigarettes, cannabis leaves its scent on your breath and seeps into your clothes. If you need to get rid of the smell of cannabis, start with yourself: change your clothes, brush your teeth, and use mouthwash. If you have time to take a shower, do that. If you don’t, run dry shampoo through your hair. It’s not the easiest solution, but it’s guaranteed to work.

Invest in scent-proof bags

Did you know that some companies specialize in making odor-absorbing bags? Revelry Supply is one of them, and we’ve recently partnered with them to design an exclusive line of Revelry x CULTA cannabis bags. Ranging in size from small (think: stasher bags) to large (big enough to hold your cannabis and all your toiletries), each bag is smell-proof, water-resistant, and comes with an innovative Carbon Filter System that’s designed to keep the smell in.

For a limited time, CULTA patients can purchase any of the four Revelry x CULTA bags at our online store or our flagship store in Federal Hill, Baltimore. The bags will also be available for purchase at partner dispensaries. If you’re able to get your hands on one, make sure to tag us in your social media posts! 

2. Simmer Patchouli Oil on the Stove

Patchouli oil is the hallmark scent of any seasoned, weed-loving hippie – – and it’s perfect for getting the weed smell out of your house.

Produced from the small pink and white blossoms of the patchouli plant, the oil is renowned for a few different things (such as aphrodisiac qualities), but mostly for its distinctive, pleasant, and long-lasting earthy scent.

Simply mix a few drops of patchouli oil into a diffuser, if you have one. If you don’t, simmer a pot of water on the stove and add a few drops of the patchouli oil. Get that going, light up, and you don’t have to stress over getting the weed smell out of your house or bedroom.

How to Cover Up the Smell

If you take all of the above precautions, there shouldn’t be much of an aroma of cannabis. However, if you’ve let your cannabis hygiene slip or only want to hide the smell briefly, there are a couple of ways to cover the scent.

Burn Incense, Light Candles, or Diffuse Essential Oils

Filling your home with other scents can help you hide the smell of weed. You could try burning scented candles from the moment you prepare to light up or burn some natural incense, like palo santo or sandalwood. If you’re more of a fan of vapor rather than fighting smoke with smoke, diffuse some essential oils around the room, such as patchouli, lavender, or eucalyptus. You can also use these natural scents to make your own organic cologne.

Cook Something Fragrant

If you don’t have any candles, incense, or essential oils lying around, try cooking something with a strong aroma instead. Garlic, onion, and fish are well-known for their strong smell. You could also pop a batch of something yummy in the oven. While a burnt smell might work for covering the scent of weed, you really don’t want to burn your cooking because you’ll end up with a smell that’s worse than the one you had at the start!

3. Emergency Last Resorts for Disguising Weed Smells

If you only have a few minutes to hide the smell of cannabis, the only thing you can do is cover it with a stronger and more pungent smell. 

One of the most popular college dorm tricks is to burn microwave popcorn. Burnt popcorn smells horrible, and it will probably set off a smoke detector. Do this one at your own risk. 

How to Cover the Smell When Smoking or Vaping

The smell of cannabis is most robust right when you use it, so this is the time to put in most of your effort to conceal it if you want to keep your session under wraps. Here’s what you can do to hide the cannabis smell during consumption.

Stay In A Well-Ventilated Room

Where you use cannabis is a critical factor in minimizing the smell. Staying in a well-ventilated room will help disperse the odor better and prevent it lingering or possibly sticking to the furniture.

Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Though vaporizers don’t fully eliminate the smell of cannabis, they do greatly minimize it. Plus, buying a vaporizer is an excellent overall investment if you’re a regular user, helping you hide the scent with fewer steps or complications whenever you need a dose.

Use A Sploof Or Filter

A “sploof” is a DIY filter that you can blow your cannabis smoke or vapor into; it filters the gas, helping minimize the produced odor. You can easily fashion one out of drying sheets. Alternatively, you can also buy prepared filters.

Turn On A Fan

This simple tried-and-tested method is a favorite of low-budget cannabis users: smoking or vaping by the window while using a fan, which immediately rids your location of the scent, dispersing it to the outside world. That said, make sure your window opens out to open space (and not an alley or your neighbor’s backyard).

5. Make a Sploof

If you are really stressed about getting the weed smell out of your house, but can’t do any of the above options, you can make your own “Sploof.”

You need:

  • Paper towel / TP roll
  • Rubber band
  • Dryer sheet

Put the dryer sheet around one end of the paper towel roll, and then anchor it with the rubber band. You want to fill the volume of the roll with your weed smoke, so exhale slowly and steadily so that the majority of the weed smell is diffused.

Watch a tutorial here:

1. How to Get the Weed Smell off of You

The easiest way to keep yourself from smelling like cannabis is to get a hooded smoking jacket. They look really fashionable, and they serve an essential purpose. When you wear a smoking jacket with a hood, you’re putting a barrier between the cannabis and your body. Your clothes and hair are less likely to carry a lot of the smell if they’re all covered by a jacket. 

If you don’t have a smoking jacket and you kind of reek, your best option is to change your clothes and take a shower. A soap fragranced with an intense natural smell like lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary may help to mask any lingering cannabis aroma. 

Brushing your teeth can help to take the cannabis smell off your breath. If you don’t have a toothbrush or toothpaste with you, grab a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash from the gas station or drugstore. 

If you ever have to make your cannabis use discrete, mouthwash will help. You can even use a little bit of mint mouthwash on your hands after washing them to disguise any lingering odors with their fragrance. 

25. Invest in a High Tech Fragrance Diffuser

Most manual diffusers are noisy, unattractive, and don’t work that well. Aromatech’s noiseless Aromini is a serious upgrade, and a game-changer to the fragrance diffusion game when it comes to learning how to cover up weed smell. It features a nebulizing technology that breaks oils into a very fine mist without any residue left behind. Users can control scent intensity levels according to their personal preferences. Therapeutic properties are kept intact more than basic fragrance diffusers, since the nebulization process doesn’t dilute the oil in water, or heat it.

Courtesy of AromatechCourtesy of Aromatech