How to hide my neighbor's chain link fence

Chain link fence slats

Privacy slats turn chain link fences into a privacy fences. They also add color. You can choose slats to match or contrast with your chain link fence. Create patterns by alternating several colors. Install slats on the entire fence, or use them only where you want a bit of color or privacy. These accessories are easy to install and and remove.


Mesh Wind Screen

A Mesh wind screen is also called bird netting, which is very effective against pests and has no gaps between the metal mesh that might allow small children to put their heads through. Mesh fencing is already installed into prefabricated panels that you can buy at your local hardware store..

The Mesh privacy screen is water and wind permeable. It also has a double-thick trim around the perimeter, plus brass grommets on the trim to enable you to attach it to the chain-link fence with zip ties. The brass grommets and zip ties make them easier to install and remove than other options.

Mesh screening is highly durable. It’s a non-organic UV rated with high-density polyethylene, enabling it to last for many years. It’s also the lowest cost when compared with other privacy screens.

On the downside, they are more about utility than beauty. They’re often used in industrial areas, schools, tennis courts, and swimming pools, making them unsuitable for home options.


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#2 Grow Plants On The Chain Link Fence

Chain Link fences are perfect for plants because a) they are absolutely perfect for climbing plants and b) they can help deliver nitrogen to your plants. Climbing plants climb by twirling around supports or gripping onto them, and the size and design of a chain link fence is perfect for both. Clematis and climbing roses are perfect for chain link fences. But you will need many many many plants to cover the entire thing (we don’t see this as a problem)! The clematis is especially perfect because it weaves its way in and out of the links, blooms beautifully and then leaves these wonderful little puffy seed pods.

Chain Link Fences Add Nitrogen To The Soil?

Chain Link Fences Add Nitrogen To The Soil?

Lightning fixes the nitrogen in the air making it available to plants as nitrogen oxides. When your plants are hanging on and planted under a metal chain link fence, the chances of attracting lightning are quite high and while you don't want to be around if lightning is anywhere near your metal fence, the plants will love the extra nitrogen. They gobble it up and put on new growth the next day. Gardeners are known to string copper wire around their tomato plants and cabbage patches to harness this benefit for their plants.

Final Thought on How to Cover a Chain-Link Fence and Give Yourself Privacy

As you see, there are so many ways you can add privacy into your chain link fence and stop prying eyes and outsiders from peeping through the fence. There are so many different plants you can plant to give yourself privacy. You can screw these in your existing fence and get the impression that your chain link fence has disappeared.

Moreover, planting grass around your fence is a great idea since it will help you achieve that perfect green lawn. It doesn’t matter where you live or for what reason you have installed the chain link fence; there are always ways to improve the look and feel of the fence, make it more private, and do something with all that open space.