How to Hang Curtains Using Command Hooks

How high to hang curtains?

You can hang curtains at many different heights. I like to hang curtains about 8″-12″ above the window frame whenever possible. This will give the appearance of a taller ceiling and larger window and make your room feel more spacious.


7. Securing a Hook in Drywall

If the walls are lightweight, thin drywall, tieback hook screws might loosen over time. Prevent this by drilling a small pilot hole in the drywall, or tapping a hole using a hammer and awl, at the circle or X mark, tapping in a plastic or metal screw anchor using a hammer, and twisting the screw tip of the tieback hook into the anchor. Screw anchors are cone-shaped and help support screws in drywall.

How long should curtains be?

Curtains can be a variety of lengths. Before you determine what the length should be, you need to decide on the style you’re going for. Do you want them to puddle or just kiss the ground?

If you’re going for a puddle look take the distance from the curtain rod to the ground and add 4″-6″ to the overall length. So if the curtain rod is hung at 96″, purchase 100″-102″ long curtains.

For a just kissing the ground look, determine where the curtain rod will be mounted, then calculate the length to the floor. With that said, I like to slide the curtains on, hold the rod up with the curtains attached, mark placement (using a level and pencil), and then install the hardware to ensure the perfect placement.

Step 3: Iron Hem In Place

(If your curtain is really wrinkled, go ahead and iron the whole thing now before proceeding.)

Place your curtain panel right-side down onto an ironing board or other heat-safe surface, with your pinned hem along the top. Fold the hem along the pin line wrong-sides together, as shown below.

Remove the pins and then use a hot iron (with stea

Remove the pins and then use a hot iron (with steam if needed) to make a crisp, clean fold line across the top of your panel.

TIP! I love using my Cricut Easy Press for curtain projects since the heat plate is so much bigger than an iron’s.

You’ve now technically hemmed your curtains!

You’ve now technically hemmed your curtains! But how does that fold stay in place? Remember, we made the hem at the top of the curtain panel (rather than the bottom), which means we can use our curtain rings to hold it in place!

Mind blown, yet?

How to Secure Your Curtains With Holdbacks and Tiebacks

First, close your curtains completely.

  • How to use holdbacks: Pull your curtains gently behind each holdback. Adjust the draping above the holdback to your preference. You can either let the curtain hang straight down or let it drape loosely for a more billowy look.
  • How to tie curtains: Wrap the tieback around each curtain. Pull the curtain back and secure the tieback to the hook on the wall, making sure the curtain covers it. Adjust the curtain above the tieback to achieve a straight or more drapey look.

Pro tip: If your curtains aren’t draping to your liking, you may not have enough curtain fullness. You should never hang curtains that are only as wide as your window (like a 60-inch window with a 60-inch curtain). Follow these guidelines to achieve the right curtain volume:

  • Standard curtain fullness: 2x your window width
  • Deluxe curtain fullness: 2.5x times your window width
  • Maximum curtain fullness: 3x your window width

Example: If your window is 60” wide and your panels are 40” wide each, two panels would not achieve standard curtain fullness. In this case, it would be easiest to use two panels on each side to get slightly more than deluxe curtain fullness.

3. Mark Wall for Tieback Hook

Measure straight over from the light pencil mark to the horizontal measurement that you took at the top of the window, less than 1 inch. Mark the wall with a small circle or X.

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