How to Convert a Foot to Square Feet

How one can calculate sq. ft

To calculate an space in sq. ft, you will want measurements for the width and size (for a sq. form) or the diameter (for a round space). It could be that the realm you're seeking to measure is an odd form (akin to a room or backyard). On this case, dividing it up into smaller elements and doing particular person calculations is an efficient approach to calculate the general sq. footage.

Let's say you’ve gotten a rectangular-shaped room and also you wish to calculate the sq. footage space for flooring or carpet. The best methodology for calculating the sq. footage is to measure the size and width in ft after which multiply the 2 figures collectively to provide you a lead to ft2. When you're measuring a room for flooring, check out our article on how to measure for a new floor.

Ought to you end up needing to calculate an space of sq. ft in an 'L' form, think about dividing the form up into rectangular sections and treating them as separate areas for calculation (including them collectively on the finish). For extra directions, see our full article: how to calculate square footage.

How one can discover the sq. footage of a triangle

  1. Measure the size of the bottom and the peak of the triangle in ft.
  2. Multiply your base and peak measurements collectively.
  3. Divide your complete by two to get the sq. footage of the triangle
 The formula for calculating the square footage ar

The formulation for calculating the sq. footage space of a triangle is: base × peak / 2. To work out your price of supplies, merely multiply this determine by your 'worth per sq. foot'.


Changing From Different Items of Measure

Now that you’ve got mastered the straightforward space calculation from ft to sq. ft, you possibly can, in essence, be your personal linear foot calculator to rework linear measurements into measurements of space. However what if the scale you are given to work with aren’t in ft?

No drawback: You need to use easy conversion components to transform these measurements from different items into ft. It is often best to carry out these conversions ​earlier than​ you do the maths to go from linear dimensions into sq. dimensions. The 2 conversions you are more than likely to seek out your self making are yards and inches.


One yard equals 3 ft. So when you’re given linear measurements in yards, multiply every measurement by 3 to get its equal in ft. For instance:

9text{ yd}frac{3text{ ft}}{textual content{yd}}=27text{ ft}


There are 12 inches in 1 foot, so to transform from inches to ft, divide by 12. For instance:

36text{ in}frac{textual content{ ft}}{12text{ in}}=3text{ ft}

How Do You Calculate Sq. Footage?

All residence initiatives — from wallpapering to landscaping — begin with correct measurements. To search out the sq. footage of an area, you may want a measuring tape and a way of recording your measurements. Listed below are the steps:

  1. Begin with the longest aspect of the room or house and measure the size. Make certain your tape measure is in a straight line.
  2. Write down the size in ft.
  3. Repeat the method on the shortest aspect of the room or house you might be measuring. For sq. areas, all 4 sides would be the identical.
  4. Write down the width in ft.
  5. Multiply the 2 values collectively to get sq. ft.

How one can use the sq. footage calculator

Earlier than we get into the nitty-gritty of how the calculator works and what’s the sq. footage formulation, it is helpful to know methods to use the calculator, and what every of the elements imply. With the “One room/space” possibility chosen, the sq. footage calculator consists of the next fields:

  1. Form – Choose the room/space form from rectangle, sq., circle, triangle, hexagon or octagon
  2. Measurements – Numerous measurements of the room, which change relying on the form chosen
  3. Amount – Enter the variety of rooms/areas which have the identical form and measurements
  4. Space – Mixed sq. footage of all of the areas as enter above
  5. Unit worth – Worth (within the native foreign money) per sq. foot
  6. Complete price – Mixed financial worth of the areas described above

To make use of the calculator is so simple as setting the identified values and letting the system calculate the remaining. Because of this you should utilize this calculator to compute the value per sq. foot of a property if you recognize the full worth and complete sq. footage.

If you choose the choice “A number of rooms/areas” on the high of the calculate, you possibly can enter the measurements for as much as ten rooms or areas and get a grand complete on the backside of the calculator of the sq. footage. For complicated room layouts, divide up the room into easy shapes, akin to rectangles, squares, and so forth., and enter every one as a separate room/space. When you’ve entered a unit worth, you may additionally get the full price.

Convert amongst sq. inch, sq. foot, sq. yard and sq. meter

You may, for instance, carry out your whole measurements in inches or centimeters, calculate space in sq. inches or sq. centimeters then convert your closing reply to the unit you want akin to sq. ft or sq. meters.

To transform amongst sq. ft, yards and meters use the next conversion components.  For different items use our calculator for area conversions.

  • Sq. Ft to Sq. Inches
    • multiply ft2 by 144 to get in2
  • Sq. Ft to Sq. Yards
    • multiply ft2 by 0.11111 to get yd2
  • Sq. Ft to Sq. Meters
    • multiply ft2 by 0.092903 to get m2
  • Sq. Yards to Sq. Ft
    • multiply yd2 by 9 to get ft2
  • Sq. Yards to Sq. Meters
    • multiply yd2 by 0.836127 to get m2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Inches
    • multiply m2 by 1,550 to get in2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Ft
    • multiply m2 by 10.7639 to get ft2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Yards
    • multiply m2 by 1.19599 to get yd2

How one can calculate sq. footage pricing

As soon as once more, we deal with a widespread problem that, regardless of the problems which could come up in actual life, has some slightly easy maths beneath it. The calculations of sq. footage pricing are, mathematically, the straightforward division of the value of a particular property by its complete sq. footage. In on a regular basis life, this worth modifications considerably relying on such components as a location of the property, supposed or potential use, and so forth. It’s nonetheless a helpful amount to guage the worth of a selected home or property.

  Earlier than we discuss a bit extra concerning the usefulness of this measurement, let’s check out how we will use this calculator when sq. footage pricing comes into play. First, guarantee that the “One room/space” possibility is chosen on the high of the calculator. The realm could be calculated within the earlier steps or may also be inputted by the consumer. Then both the worth per sq ft or the full price needs to be offered to acquire the opposite worth. Let’s take a look at a whole instance:
  1. Enter the dimensions of the property’s (or property chunk’s) width and size in your required items,
  2. Enter the variety of properties/chunks of the property with the dimensions enter above,
  3. [only if you didn’t follow the first two steps] Enter the complete space in your required items,
  4. Enter the complete pricing of the property,
  5. Get hold of the sq. footage pricing as {dollars} (or your native foreign money) per sq ft.

That is an instance of one of the vital simple eventualities, however it is vitally consultant of the standard makes use of of this sq. footage calculator. We expect that it’s important not solely to know methods to calculate sq. footage or methods to measure sq. footage but in addition to know what you are able to do with these values when you get them.

Relating to sq. footage pricing, its usefulness depends on the truth that it permits evaluating properties (largely homes) of various sizes and costs. It is the equal of efficiency per greenback charts of pc elements, for instance. On this method, one might examine a 1500 sq ft with a 500 sq ft and know which one represents a greater actual state possibility, trying past simply the value or the dimensions of them. Actually, this can be utilized with another space unit with or with out changing from sq. meters to sq. ft or acres to sq. ft – each time we wish to make a good comparability.

Convert Inches to Ft

You could must convert inches to ft for sure initiatives. To take action, divide the full variety of inches by 12. To get from ft to inches, multiply by 12.

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