How to Calculate Square Footage

Tips on how to calculate sq. ft

To calculate an space in sq. ft, you will have measurements for the width and size (for a sq. form) or the diameter (for a round space). It might be that the world you're seeking to measure is an odd form (reminiscent of a room or backyard). On this case, dividing it up into smaller components and doing particular person calculations is an effective strategy to calculate the general sq. footage.

Let's say you will have a rectangular-shaped room and also you need to calculate the sq. footage space for flooring or carpet. The simplest methodology for calculating the sq. footage is to measure the size and width in ft after which multiply the 2 figures collectively to provide you a end in ft2. For those who're measuring a room for flooring, check out our article on how to measure for a new floor.

Ought to you end up needing to calculate an space of sq. ft in an 'L' form, take into account dividing the form up into rectangular sections and treating them as separate areas for calculation (including them collectively on the finish). For extra directions, see our full article: how to calculate square footage.


What number of sq. ft is a 20×20 room?

The sq. footage of a room measuring 20 ft broad by 20 ft lengthy is 400 sq. ft. To calculate this you merely multiply the width by the peak. 20ft × 20ft = 400 sq ft.

When unsure, ask the professionals

If calculating the sq. ft of your specific property feels overwhelming, take into account hiring knowledgeable appraiser to do it. The typical appraisal value for a single-family dwelling usually runs about $350. A rental appraisal price is mostly between $300 and $500, and multi-family dwelling value determinations can run anyplace from $600 to $1,500.

Whereas two totally different skilled appraisers may consider the identical dwelling and provide you with barely totally different sq. footage figures, they do all goal for scientific accuracy. “We’re at all times capturing for someplace between 1 to three % variance,” Day says.

What’s sq. footage used for?

You should use sq. footage in real-world contexts reminiscent of:

  • Structure: Architects use sq. footage to measure the house {that a} constructing or different development initiatives could fill.

  • Cartography: Cartographers use sq. footage to find out the world that international locations and different landmarks would possibly occupy on a map or globe.

  • Landscaping: Landscapers use sq. footage to search out how a lot house a yard or different plot of land takes and what can match inside that house.

  • Actual property: Realtors and contractors use sq. footage to explain how a lot flooring house a home or different marketable constructing has when it's on the market.

It’s also possible to use sq. footage as step one towards calculating cubic footage, or the quantity of an space. For instance, you should use the end result of the calculation and multiply the quantity by the width of a form. If the measurements are in ft, then you definitely get a cubic measurement. This implies there are three sides you measure to get the quantity of the form.

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Tips on how to calculate the sq. footage of a home

When getting ready to measure the sq. footage of a house, be it a house, condo, or townhouse, begin with a number of easy provides:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Calculator
  • Measuring tape and/or laser measuring software

If the property is an ideal rectangle, merely measure the size and width and multiply these two numbers collectively. For instance, in case your one-story home is 60 ft broad by 40 ft lengthy, then your property is 2,400 sq. ft (60 x 40 = 2,400).

Nonetheless, most properties have extra complicated flooring plans. When that is the case, it’s useful to comply with these easy steps to measure sq. footage.

  1. Draw a tough sketch of your total house, labeling the entire rooms it’s essential to measure. Embrace hallways and vestibules as their very own “room.”
  2. Measure the size and width, in ft, of every room. Then, multiply the size by the width to calculate that room’s sq. footage. For instance: If a bed room is 12 ft by 20 ft, it’s 240 sq. ft (12 x 20 = 240). For every room, write the entire sq. footage within the corresponding house in your sketch.
  3. As soon as every room is measured, add up all of the measurements to find out your property’s whole sq. footage.

Be aware For those who stay in a tract dwelling, rental or townhome neighborhood, you could possibly get architectural drawings or grasp builder plans of your flooring plan. These could have already got your sq. footage calculated.

Tips on how to measure for bullnose?

Measure the size of any exterior edge the place your tile edge could be uncovered otherwise you need framed out.  Bullnose (additionally referred to as trim items and ornamental tiles) are usually offered by the piece. To determine the amount you need to set up the size of the trim piece (i.e. 6″ bullnose, 8″ ornamental liner), then the rule is:  Your whole linear size divided by the size of every piece equals your amount wanted.  

The significance of realizing sq. footage

What’s the massive deal about sq. footage, anyway? Why is it so laborious to calculate — and so essential to know?

Sq. footage is a vital piece of knowledge for figuring out quite a lot of issues about your property and your loved ones’s wants. These are simply a few of the causes it’s so essential to know and perceive sq. footage.

House worth and value per sq. foot

In the beginning, sq. footage is a significant factor in figuring out your property’s worth. Typically, when appraising a house, professionals will first calculate the precise sq. footage, after which examine your property to different properties in the identical space with a comparable quantity of residing house.

They’ll make changes primarily based on components like your property’s age, supplies, and finishes — however sq. footage is the only most essential issue (and step one) in setting a price or sale value in your dwelling. Moreover, being acquainted with the worth per sq. foot in your dwelling and related, close by listings can provide you a degree of reference for evaluating totally different properties when looking for a house.

That is additionally one of many causes it’s so essential to get an correct measurement of your property’s sq. footage — if it’s measured incorrectly, that may have a domino impact that throws off your property’s worth, sale value, and extra.

House renovation prices

For those who ever make any main updates to your property — for instance, renovating your kitchen or finishing your basement — you’ll doubtless have to know the precise sq. footage to be able to get constructing permits.

Figuring out the precise sq. footage of an area you’re renovating can be useful in the case of making cost estimations and setting a funds for the undertaking. Completely different areas, like kitchens, bogs, and basements, have totally different common prices per sq. foot to renovate, so familiarizing your self with these might help you set a practical funds for making over your personal house.

Property taxes

Since sq. footage is such an essential issue in your house’s worth, it’s additionally a giant a part of figuring out your yearly property taxes, that are primarily based on the assessed worth of the house and property. In case your sq. footage is wrongly calculated, it may end in you over- or under-paying in your taxes.

Moreover, in case you work at home, realizing your property’s sq. footage might help present tax advantages — you could possibly write off a portion of your hire or mortgage funds and utilities primarily based on the square footage of a home office or work space.

Figuring out your (and your loved ones’s) wants

Lastly, realizing and understanding sq. footage might help you higher perceive precisely what your loved ones wants when searching for a house. We’ll get into this in additional element under, however it’s at all times a good suggestion to know the way a lot sq. footage your loved ones must stay and performance comfortably.

Tips on how to Calculate Sq. Footage

Sq. footage is space expressed in sq. ft. Likewise, sq. yardage is space expressed in sq. yards.  Sq. meters can be a typical measure of space.

Assume you will have an oblong space reminiscent of a room and, for instance, you need to calculate the sq. footage space for flooring or carpet.

The way in which to calculate an oblong space is by measuring the size and width of your space then multiplying these two numbers collectively to get the world in ft squared (ft2). In case you have on oddly formed space, reminiscent of an L-shape, break up it into sq. or rectanglualar sections and deal with them as two separate areas. Calculate the world of every part then add them collectively in your whole. In case your measurements are in several items, say ft and inches, you possibly can first convert these values to ft, then multiply them collectively to get the sq. footage of the world.

Convert your whole measurements to ft

  • For those who measured in ft skip to “Calculate the Space as Sq. Footage”
  • For those who measured in ft & inches, divide inches by 12 and add that to your ft measure to get whole ft
  • For those who measured in one other unit of measure, do the next to convert to feet – inches: divide by 12 and that’s your measurement in ft – yards: multiply by 3 and that’s your measurement in ft – centimeters: multiply by 0.03281 to transform to ft – meters: multiply by 3.281 to transform to ft

Calculate the Space as Sq. Footage

  • If you’re measuring a sq. or rectangle space, multiply size instances width; Size x Width = Space.
  • For different space shapes, see formulation under to calculate Space (ft2) = Sq. Footage.

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