4 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden

1. Distract with Shiny Objects

Copper creates an disagreeable electrical shock when slugs come into contact with it, which is able to deter them from passing. Create a barrier round your loved one backyard by surrounding it with 4- to 6-inch copper flashing, or by wrapping prone vegetation with copper tape. Not solely will the slugs keep away, however you can even reuse the copper flashing for a number of years to come back. Needless to say this trick will solely deter the slugs—not kill current varieties.


A number of extra recommendations on how you can do away with slugs within the backyard

Along with these “energy 8” methods to do away with slugs within the backyard naturally, there are a number of different methods you possibly can attempt, although their effectiveness is debatable.

Diatomaceous earth has lengthy been touted as an incredible slug management. It’s a fantastic powder that could be very sharp microscopically and the sides simply minimize by way of slug pores and skin and desiccate them as they crawl over it. The difficulty is that as quickly as diatomaceous earth will get moist, it’s rendered ineffective. I don’t know many gardeners who’ve time to make a circle of mud round each plant after which replenish it after each rain or heavy dew. • A hearty sprinkle of salt, positioned straight on a slug’s physique, could desiccate it sufficient to result in its dying, however there’s a very good likelihood the slug will merely shed its slime layer together with the salt and keep on as normal. I’ve seen it occur so many occasions that I put apart my salt shaker way back. • And lastly, sharp-edged objects, corresponding to candy gum seed pods, crushed eggshells, and dried espresso grounds have all been touted as nice slug deterrents. I respectfully disagree and so do a number of research.

Our online course Organic Pest Control for the Vegetable Garden, supplies much more details about managing slugs and different pests naturally in a collection of movies that complete 2 hours and half-hour of studying time.

What sort of harm do slugs do?

Slugs will eat any sort of foliage, however you’ll usually discover them doing essentially the most harm to the tender leaves and stems of seedlings. Slugs may also take bites out of greens and fruits (significantly gentle fruits like strawberries), inflicting ugly crops.

8. Plant slug-repellent vegetation

When you reside in an space with numerous slugs, simply slug-resistant vegetation won’t be sufficient.

Fortunately, some vegetation actively repel slugs, deterring them from coming into that part of your backyard.

  • Aromatics like rosemary, fennel, and anise are disagreeable to slugs and may also help to maintain them away out of your backyard beds. 
  • Foxglove comprises a nerve toxin that retains slugs away.
  • Euphorbia and Japanese Anemone comprise a sort of latex fiber that repels slugs in addition to many different bugs

Learn how to do away with slugs within the backyard? Use vegetation!

Vegetation that repel the pests are one of the simplest ways to do away with slugs in backyard. When you develop ecological greens in your backyard – contemplate including the next vegetation:

  • garlic,
  • onions,
  • mustard,
  • marjoram,
  • savory.

How about flowerbeds? Are you questioning should you can defend them from slugs naturally as nicely? In fact! Many alternative vegetation can enrich the flower border and defend it from pests. They’re, as an illustration:

  • chamomile,
  • yarrow,
  • thyme,
  • sage,
  • wormwood.

A few of them are helpful for well being, so you should use them in several methods. For instance, chamomile and wormwood are good abdomen cures, whereas sage has anti-inflammatory properties and it may be used for acne-prone pores and skin.

It’s endorsed to plant slug repellent vegetation on the intense edges of beds. This fashion, the pests will probably be discouraged from additional penetration of the realm.



4 Low cost Methods to Naturally Get Rid of Slugs

Okay, you tried preventative strategies, and now you’re able to do away with slugs in your backyard with out the usage of artificial pesticides. Excellent news! There are a ton of how to make use of traps and baits to scale back the slug inhabitants in your backyard.

Manually Eradicating Slugs

As we’ve already talked about, slugs aren’t all dangerous! When you have a small infestation, simply head out after nightfall with a headlamp and decide these suckers off your vegetation. Drop them right into a bucket of soapy water to kill them instantly, or transfer them to an space the place birds and snakes can eat them—and the circle of life continues!

Plant Lure Crops

Planting lure crops is well our favourite strategy to do away with slugs and plenty of different widespread backyard pests. The gist is that this: plant a crop that the slugs REALLY like to get pleasure from, they select that plant from the backyard buffet, after which you possibly can sacrifice these vegetation and focus your slug elimination strategies there.

Usually, slugs wish to eat the tender leaves and shoots of recent seedlings, however some vegetation are irresistible to slugs at any stage of progress. Slugs completely like to eat marigolds and basil. A strong border of both (or each) round your backyard can go a good distance to attract out slugs out of your tender seedlings.

Beer Traps to Bait Slugs

Beer Traps to Bait Slugs

The commonest piece of recommendation you’ll get when coping with slugs is to place out beer traps. Beer traps are straightforward and low-cost to make, and the traps work nicely as a result of slugs are interested in the scent of the yeast within the beer. Nonetheless, we don’t suggest them as a primary line of protection. These traps do drown and kill slugs, however they regularly additionally kill helpful bugs, so we suggest solely going this route in case you are coping with an amazing infestation.

To make a beer lure, merely take a clear, shallow container (a cleaned-out tuna can, small yogurt container, or butter tub all work very well), and bury it within the floor with about an inch sticking up out of the soil. Fill the can with beer—any beer works, however slugs have a tendency to essentially just like the yeasty scent of darker beers—after which look ahead to the slugs to crawl in and meet their demise.

Growfully Protip

Empty and refill your beer traps recurrently. Slugs will not be as interested in stale beer as they’re freshly-poured.

For beer traps to achieve success, that you must place them about each 3 ft—which might turn into fairly expensive and labor-intensive for bigger rising areas.

Grapefruit Traps to Get Rid of Slugs

Grapefruit (and different citrus fruit) traps are reside traps which can be much less lethal to helpful bugs than beer traps. Get pleasure from your self a half of a grapefruit—scooping out the flesh inside. Then place the empty grapefruit half the other way up in your backyard. In a single day, slugs will probably be interested in the candy scent and take cowl in these citrus domes, and within the morning, you possibly can take away the grapefruit half, take it distant from the backyard, and feed the birds!

Growfully Protip

Half a hollowed-out cantaloupe and an orange rind additionally work nicely for the grapefruit lure technique. Some people additionally use upside-down flowerpots or bowls to realize the same lure.

8. Make Tiny Copper Fences

Lore has it that copper shocks slugs; although I haven’t seen a lot science behind that principle. Regardless of the magic, copper tubing, flashing, or tape works as a superb barrier in maintain slugs at bay. You’ll be able to put it round sure vegetation or round complete beds – simply remember to have beforehand trapped all of the slugs inside the fenced space first.

How To Get Rid Of Slugs In The Backyard Naturally

Now that you understand all about slugs and the place they arrive from, you possibly can focus your pest management efforts to get rid of them out of your backyard.

Fortunately, you don’t must resort to utilizing poisonous chemical pesticides (and also you shouldn’t!). There are tons of protected slug management strategies that you should use to rid your backyard of those slimy, plant consuming pests.

1. Permit Pure Predators to Thrive

Since invasive species will not be enjoyable, we should always all be cautious of introducing new sorts of creatures to an ecosystem except they’re native and could be there anyway. That stated, you possibly can encourage native slug-hungry predators to inhabit your backyard. For instance, birds love slugs, so you may set up a fowl bathtub. Who else likes slugs? Geese, chickens, nematodes, frogs, salamanders, newts, toads, snakes, turtles, hedgehogs, shrews, praying mantises, floor beetles, rove beetles, and fireflies, for starters.

10. Plant in containers or raised beds

For some gardeners, the simplest answer is to easily cease planting the vegetation that appeal to slugs, however that limits your choice.

As a substitute of eliminating these vegetation out of your backyard, contemplate planting them in tall containers to make it harder for slugs to get to your vegetation.

Conventional backyard beds are a salad bar for slugs, so attempt making it much less handy for them to get to their favourite vegetation.

If you do the rounds in your backyard, verify these containers for slugs and take away them as mandatory. 

6. Set Slug Traps

Slugs are interested in moist darkish locations.

  1. At nightfall, set out backyard pots turned the other way up or planks of wooden as a lure.
  2. Then water straight round your lure. The slugs will gravitate to the damp pots and wooden all through the night time.
  3. Within the morning, flip over your lure and the underside will probably be coated with slugs. You then get to handpick the slugs off the pot and put them in a bucket of water that has a number of drops of dishwashing cleaning soap in it. This little little bit of cleaning soap will kill the slugs.

To me, this looks like merciless and strange punishment. I’ve no need to the touch the slimy buggers. As a substitute, I exploit smaller backyard pots and put the entire pot in a 5-gallon bucket of water with cleaning soap. The traps aren’t as massive, however it’s a small value to pay to not have to the touch the slug. It’s also possible to use half a melon, grapefruit, or orange rind turned the other way up. The rind can simply be disposed of within the morning.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Do slugs have a function?

Slugs will be helpful to an extent as a result of once they chew on and break down backyard particles it converts to nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This in flip can improve the dietary worth of the soil in the same means that worm composting works. Slugs and snails are additionally helpful as a meals supply for birds and different widespread backyard critters like frogs, toads and snakes.

Must you kill slugs in your backyard?

Like we talked about above, slugs (carefully) can serve some function for soil diet, nevertheless, they regularly turn into rampant and destroy gardens. Snails are additionally recognized for carrying ailments and parasites which could be a menace to family pets in the event that they get ahold of 1. 

Why are there so many slugs in my backyard?

Sometimes, you’ll discover a considerable amount of slugs or snails in your backyard after it rains or after you’ve watered your vegetation. That’s as a result of snails and slugs are moist creatures. They lose a major place of their physique weight by crawling round, and can subsequently search for moist locations to outlive.  

Are slugs toxic?

No, slugs will not be toxic. The one hazard that slugs pose to gardens is that they eat the vegetation–making them extra of a nuisance than a hazard.

6. Select vegetation slugs hate

Slugs don’t like extremely scented vegetation, so varieties like lavender, rosemary and sage are a sensible choice, in addition to wormwood, rue, fennel, and anise, as beneficial by Rentokil’s consultants.

In reality, slugs are inclined to keep away from most herbs in order that’s one space of the backyard that is usually nibble free. They’re not eager on geraniums and begonias both. 

Yow will discover out how to create a herb garden in our professional characteristic if you wish to get planting some strongly scented herbs as quickly as doable.

Slugs aren’t followers of extremely scented vegetation like rosemary

(Picture credit score: Julian Hochgesang/UnSplash )

5. Learn how to do away with slugs within the backyard with copper

The steel copper reacts with slug slime to trigger a light electrical shock and ship the slug packing. You should purchase copper tape here and encompass prone vegetation with a hoop of copper. That is a straightforward approach should you simply need to defend a number of hostas, however it’s more difficult for bigger backyard areas. Nonetheless, one straightforward strategy to maintain slugs out of raised beds is to make a copper collar across the outer fringe of the entire mattress by stapling or nailing a strip of copper tape or copper strips across the high of the mattress’s body. This additionally works for containers the place the copper tape will be positioned simply contained in the higher rim of the pot. There’s additionally a copper mesh referred to as Slug Protect (available here) that can be utilized in the same method and is reusable. It’s a bit simpler to wrap round a single plant stem than copper tape or strips.

Garden slugs can be kept out of raised beds with c
Backyard slugs will be stored out of raised beds with copper strips, tape, or mesh.

3. Make a Slug Lure With Beer

  1. Earlier than mattress, pop open a bottle of beer and chill out in your patio. Drink your beer, however don’t drink all of it. Depart about an inch of beer in your bottle.
  2. Then take your virtually empty beer bottle and lay it on its facet within the backyard. Slugs are interested in the yeast in beer, and they’re going to gravitate to it all through the night time.
  3. Within the morning, you’ll return to a bottle crammed with lifeless slugs.

If consuming the beer isn’t your factor, you can even bury a few shallow dishes in your backyard. Then fill the dishes with beer earlier than mattress. Once more, you’ll awake to dishes crammed with lifeless slugs. When you have pets, beware that your furry good friend could drink your bait earlier than the slugs get an opportunity to feed on it.

Learn how to kill slugs – a slug beer lure

Maybe you’ve gotten heard that slugs and snails are actual beer afficionados. They love its candy style and the scent spreading round. If you’re questioning how you can do away with slugs successfully, contemplate making a slug beer lure. It isn’t too sophisticated to create, so you’ll certainly succeed. Consider, although, that it’s not essentially the most humane technique, as you merely drown the creatures. However in case you have an actual plague in your backyard – something goes, similar to in a battle.

Making ready a slug beer lure entails only a few steps:

  • Select a medium-sized plastic container, the place the caught-in-the-act slugs will find yourself.
  • Dig a gap within the floor, massive sufficient to suit your container. It ought to poke about 1 cm above the bottom.
  • Pour some beer into the container – 150-200 ml is nicely sufficient however the extra you pour, the quicker slugs will scent it and fall into the lure.

That’s actually all you need to do. Ensure to empty the bucket on occasion and pour some contemporary beer to lure extra pests.



📍 Slugs within the backyard – how you can do away with them?

You should use chemical merchandise or dwelling cures to do away with slugs within the backyard. For a store-bought slug repellent, simply go to a retailer the place a specialist will inform you what to select. If you wish to use a home made technique, attempt baking soda, espresso or cinnamon. A beer lure can also be a very good slug killer.

📍 What do slugs do within the backyard?

Slugs and snails within the backyard normally seem once they seek for meals or shelter throughout sizzling and sunny days. It’s also possible to anticipate them in case your backyard could be very humid and stuffed with bushes and plant hideouts.

📍 What is an efficient slug repellent?

Slugs are repelled by varied vegetation and herbs. Sage, chamomile, yarrow and wormwood are the best ones. It’s also possible to plant garlic or onions amongst greens to discourage the pests from exploring the realm. Espresso grounds, cinnamon and soda unfold on the bottom are additionally good slug repellents.

📍 What do slugs eat within the backyard?

Backyard snails and slugs eat vegetation. There is no downside in the event that they select some natural leftovers or lifeless elements of vegetation. Sadly, additionally they are inclined to eat wholesome vegetation and flowers – that is a problem. Snails with out shell, that’s, slugs are the most important menace, as they’re pests that eat plant roots as nicely.

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