What is and isn’t covered by a SquareTrade Warranty

Here’s What SquareTrade TV Warranty Covers

SquareTrade offers two- or four-year protection plans covering major accidents and malfunctions for TVs that cost up to $3,000. Their coverage varies by device, but some of the common issues and accidents eligible for repair include:

  • Cracked screens
  • Damage from spillage
  • Battery failure
  • Touchscreen failure
  • Speaker/audio failure
  • Charging port failure
  • Screen failure
  • Hard drive failure
  • Unexpected leaks
  • Remote failure


What does SquareTrade warranty cover?

Our SquareTrade Protection Plans cover all mechanical/electrical failures that can occur while the device is in normal use, such as button failure, depleted (non-replaceable) batteries, or charging ports or audio jacks that do not respond as they should. In addition to damage from accidents such as drops and spills, accident insurance covers damage from collisions.

Is SquareTrade a monthly fee?

You will not be charged a monthly fee or anything else. A deductible for repairs may be included in some SquareTrade plans, but not this one. This was helpful to two of two people.

Analyst Interview

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Key Features

  • Length of Coverage: For new items, coverage lasts 2 to 5 years, and starts at the date of the purchase. For used/refurbished items, coverage lasts 1 to 2 years, and coverage starts the day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
  • Coverage Amount: For replacement payments, you’ll be given the full amount that you paid for the item. For repairs, they will continue to repair the item until the maximum value you paid for the item has been reached.
  • Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH): You can purchase ADH as additional coverage and it covers drops, spills, and other accidental damage that may come up.  I highly recommend purchasing this for mobile devices such as your an iPhone or iPad.
  • eBay Purchases: They even have specialized coverage for new, used, and refurbished items purchased through eBay!

Featured Warranties

iPhone – The iPhone extended warranty is the best in the business. It’s better than the Apple Care extended warranty and much cheaper too. It’s the warranty that I own with SquareTrade, and I’m very glad that I got it. It’s $99, and covers drops, spills, and other accidents. It gives you two years of coverage. There are extended warranties for other smartphones and cell phones as well.

iPad – For $95, you can get a similar warranty for the iPad and I recommend it even more, because the iPad is even more expensive than an iPhone, and more fragile.

Laptops – Again, I am not a big fan of the extended warranties that large retailers like Best Buy and Dell offer, because they are typically 10 to 20% of the value of the item.  But, SquareTrade’s laptop warranties are typically 48 to 67% cheaper than other extended warranties, so it makes more sense to get the extra coverage.

eReaders – eReaders like the Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook are another popular mobile device that people are bringing with them on their commutes to work, vacations, and anywhere else they have time to do some reading.  This makes them extremely susceptible to accidental damage.  At SquareTrade, you can get a warranty for $39.99 with ADH coverage.

How does SquareTrade work?

Claim Claim

1. File a claim with SquareTrade online or over the phone. We’re available 24/7.

Free shipping Free shipping

2. We’ll provide free shipping to and from our repair center, and repair your item within two business days of receiving it.*

Reimbursement Reimbursement

3. If we can’t repair your item, we’ll reimburse you its replacement cost up to the coverage amount with a Staples® cash card.

*For desktops and all-in-ones, you will be contacted within 24 hours of having your claim approved to schedule on-site repairs.

How Does SquareTrade Impact a Manufacturer Warranty?

If you purchased your appliance new, it likely came with a manufacturer warranty that covers defects due to parts or workmanship, generally up to one year from the date of purchase. If your item is covered under the manufacturer warranty, SquareTrade will direct you there first.

If the appliance in question is not covered by the manufacturer but is covered under your SquareTrade plan, SquareTrade will cover it. After your manufacturer warranty expires, SquareTrade covers all issues included in your plan for the remainder of the plan term.

Claim SquareTrade TV Warranty on Your Own

There are several ways to claim SquareTrade warranty. The easiest way to claim a warranty is with DoNotPay since companies aren’t always responsive, and the procedure can take time. Check out the table below for all available options:

Can You File Your Warranty Claim ViaYes/No
In PersonNo
Company WebsiteYes

Claiming a SquareTrade TV Warranty Over the Phone

To file a claim via phone, you should call SquareTrade’s toll-free number 1-877-927-7268. Once you reach their customer service, provide the necessary information to the customer rep, and request to schedule the repair.

Claiming a SquareTrade TV Warranty via the Company Website

You can also claim your warranty online on SquareTrade’s website. Follow these steps to file your warranty claim online:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select the Need Help option
  3. Provide the required information
  4. Hit Start Chatting

Coverage Specifics

If SquareTrade determines that your item can be repaired, they will cover 100% of the parts and labor. If the item needs to be replaced, the amount covered will depend on your plan and appliance type. SquareTrade will contact you directly to discuss your repair and replacement options.

Once the cost of repairs or replacement meets or exceeds the coverage amount of your plan (generally equal to item purchase price), your plan will expire.

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