How to Write With Left Hand

Causes of left-handedness

Simply why one in 10 individuals favour their left hand is a thriller. A simple genetic hyperlink hasn’t been confirmed, and it’s potential for 2 right-handed dad and mom to have a left-handed youngster. Theories embody:

  • Genes – maybe genetic components predispose a toddler to favour the best hand. A single gene is perhaps handed from dad and mom to youngsters to affect which hand a toddler favours. If a selected model of this gene is inherited, the kid could also be extra prone to be left-handed, relying on reinforcement and different environmental influences. Nonetheless, newer analysis suggests it’s extra possible that a lot of completely different genes ‘add up’ to provide a left-handed individual.
  • Intercourse – barely extra boys than women are left-handed. This means to some researchers that the male hormone testosterone has an affect on proper and left-handedness.
  • Fetal improvement – some researchers imagine that handedness has extra of an environmental affect than genetic. They suggest that environmental components within the womb (together with publicity to hormones) could affect whether or not we favour the best or left hand later in life.
  • Modelling – youngsters be taught to decide on their proper or left hand by copying dad and mom and different vital caregivers. Nonetheless, this doesn’t clarify why right-handed dad and mom generally have left-handed youngsters, and vice versa.
  • Mind injury – a small share of researchers theorise that each one human beings are supposed to be right-handed, however some sort of mind injury early in life causes left-handedness. For left-handers and fogeys of lefthanders, it is very important word there isn’t any laborious proof to assist this slightly controversial concept.
  • Adjustment – some people who find themselves naturally right-handed turn out to be left-handed due to the necessity to alter to harm.

Left Handed Writing Educating Ideas

1. Left Handed Paper Placement

Kids who can print sentences throughout the web page are able to tilt their paper at a slight angle (30-35 degrees) to comply with the pure arc of the writing hand. For left-handed youngsters, put the left nook of the web page greater, so the writing hand is beneath the road of writing. This observe encourages an accurate, impartial wrist place.

Chances are you’ll observe some left-handed youngsters slanting their papers an excessive amount of. They do that to forestall their wrists from hooking. Permit them to magnify the slant on their papers if it doesn’t trigger pace or neatness hassle.

Make free left-friendly worksheets with the A+ Worksheet Maker Lite.

2. Cross Strokes

When writing, we sometimes journey from prime to backside and left to proper. At instances, left-handed youngsters could select to cross letters by pulling their writing hand from proper to left. That is pure. Mannequin the cross stroke for them of their scholar editions. Letters with cross strokes are A, E, F, G, H, I, J, T and lowercase f and t.

3. Lefty-Pleasant Scholar Editions

Ensure the scholar editions you utilize in your classroom are lefty-friendly—particularly in relation to early writing expertise like handwriting. Pages ought to present letter fashions on the left and proper, so left-handed youngsters can all the time see the mannequin they’re copying. That manner they by no means need to carry their hand or place it in a clumsy place to see a mannequin.

If utilizing a worksheet, give the scholar one other copy of the worksheet to position on their proper facet if they’ve instructions or phrases to repeat within the left margin. It will give them a solution to see these instructions or phrases with out having to “hook” their wrist.

4. Left-Handed Pencil Grip

Left handed grip seems to be completely different from proper handed grip. Since many left-handed college students will hook their wrists to accommodate for having to repeat materials on the left, which their hand would cowl. Take a look at our beforehand revealed weblog put up on how to properly hold a pencil or pen for extra info. 

5. Play with Writing Place

Tape a worksheet or coloring web page on the wall. Having a toddler write or shade on a vertical floor encourages them to bend the wrist again whereas writing as an alternative of hooking it ahead. Higher but, don’t tape the paper on the wall however have them use their proper hand to stabilize it. It will assist coordinate the 2 fingers collectively for writing. In case you have an artwork easel, this can be a nice choice as properly. Having them write, shade, and draw on the artwork easel can even encourage youngsters to make use of these muscle tissue in a extra typical sample and over time will enhance muscle reminiscence of this place.

Have the kid lay on the ground on his or her abdomen and prop up on the forearms/elbows whereas coloring and drawing. This enables them to place weight via the forearms and helps stabilize them whereas coloring. With this posture, they’re much less prone to make a “hook” wrist.

In case you have a small espresso desk, piano bench, or different small desk that the kid can simply lay below, tape a coloring or drawing web page on the beneath facet of the desk. This place permits gravity to help with the correct wrist place. They could solely do that exercise in small time bursts on account of fatigue of holding their arms within the air, however it may be very useful. Plus, this concept is uncommon, they usually could actually prefer it!  

These are many concepts which you can strive at residence whereas working together with your youngster in the course of the keep at residence orders, however they’re nice to proceed sooner or later as properly to assist promote correct wrist placement and life-long writing expertise!


4 Standard Left-Handed Writing Ideas

There are a number of ideas and tips that may assist youngsters observe left-hand writing and keep away from among the issues inherent in left-handed writing. These embody all the pieces from how they angle the paper, grip the pencil, and lay out the worksheets. The following pointers will assist lefties compensate for identified issues and higher put together them to carry out at a practical degree identical to their right-handed friends.

Paper Placement

Paper Placement

Kids who’re right-handed ought to rotate the paper counter-clockwise 30 levels.  Against this, youngsters who’re left-handed ought to rotate their web page 30 levels clockwise.  Sadly, some educators, in an effort to be constant, encourage the identical rotation for all children.  Nonetheless, the  angle advisable for right-handed youngsters will simply make their issue much more pronounced. As an alternative, a extra comfy writing angle can be to rotate the paper clockwise to the best at 30 to 40 levels. This enables them to see their work clearly and reduces the quantity of smudging that takes place as they transfer their hand throughout the web page.

Pencil or Pen Grip/Maintain

Realizing find out how to maintain a pen left-handed is essential. Left-handed writers typically discover that it’s simpler to see their work after they maintain their pencil or pen just a little additional up the shaft. Including a pencil grip or an elastic band across the pencil can information the author in the place to position their fingers.

Writing Place

Slanted surfaces could make an enormous distinction for left-handers. It will possibly forestall them from creating a hooked wrist. There are a number of methods to attain a slanted writing floor.  One is to raise the entrance legs of the desk.  Putting 4” of carpet samples beneath these two desk legs might do the trick. Or, if utilizing an adjustable peak college desk, elevate the 2 entrance legs one or two notches. Slant boards are additionally accessible for this objective. There’s a recipe for making a slant board on the web site. Look it up below the Free Downloads. You’ll want a tough foam core sheet, an Exacto knife, and a glue gun. Different individuals discover it useful to write down on the duvet of a 3-ringed binder, with the broader edge on the far facet. Writing on a vertical floor or an easel can even make issues simpler.

Scholar Editions

Upon request… and maybe some research, workbooks, and assets designed for left-handed writers will be obtained. If the intent of the worksheet is to offer a immediate, mannequin, or instruction, this info ought to be on the left AND proper so lefties can all the time see it. A newbie author shouldn’t need to carry their hand or put it in a clumsy place to view the mannequin or instructions.

If the kid is working towards on a worksheet and there are instructions or phrases to repeat within the left margin, both rewrite the instructions so they’re additionally seen on the highest or proper facet of the web page, or present an additional copy altogether. This fashion they’ll be capable of see the web page with out hooking their wrist. If you’re on the lookout for supplies to advertise printing that works equally properly for left-handed writers, Actual OT Options’ Letterbox Worksheets and Alphatrangle can be used to make left-hand handwriting higher.

Step 3: Day Three

Right this moment, do all the pieces you probably did yesterday, with the addition of consuming together with your left hand. Attain for the milk, deal with a fork/spoon, butter your toast, cook dinner, and so forth, utilizing your left hand dominantly. Tip: Do not eat in public together with your left hand till you’ve got practiced a bit. Issues might get messy.

Issues for left-handed individuals

Since 90 per cent of the inhabitants is right-handed, left-handed individuals do expertise some sensible issues, together with:

  • Western writing runs from left to proper. A left-handed individual has to ‘crab’ their hand with a purpose to write with out smudging the ink.
  • Left-handed youngsters studying to write down typically write again to entrance (‘mirror’ writing). This can be a pure inclination, not an indication of dyslexia, and can resolve given time, observe and encouragement.
  • Implements corresponding to scissors are designed to be used with the best hand.
  • Instruments corresponding to round saws will be harmful if operated with the left slightly than the best hand.
  • Some analysis has instructed that studying difficulties, epilepsy and autism are extra frequent in left-handed individuals. Nonetheless, different researchers have been unable to verify these findings and present data means that handedness shouldn’t be related to studying disabilities.


Constant right-handers confirmed a powerful asymmetrical practical activation sample, with outstanding exercise in left premotor and parietal areas contralateral to the dominant (writing) hand. Constant left-handers demonstrated a mirrored activation sample with preponderant right-hemispheric activation when writing with their dominant left hand. In distinction, transformed left-handers demonstrated extra symmetrical practical activation throughout right-hand writing, with a relative enhance in right-hemispheric exercise of frontoparietal motor affiliation areas ipsilateral to the writing hand.

As a result of this PET examine used solely writing as the duty of curiosity, the current examine can’t be generalized to different guide expertise. Though a management process by which the themes would have carried out guide duties aside from handwriting (e.g., drawing, sequence of key-presses) would have been fascinating, there are a number of issues in defining an acceptable management process that permits a significant comparability. First, it might have been troublesome to match any management process for government elements of the duty (i.e., variety of submovements and complexity of the motion patterns). Second, the diploma of automaticity is prone to differ amongst duties due to variations within the quantity of each day observe all through life. Third, handwriting was the one guide talent that was persistently switched in transformed left-handers. Thus, different duties would in all probability be much less delicate at choosing up practical modifications related to switching hand desire.

Temporal cortex

Though auditory enter was matched between the writing and baseline circumstances, the behavioral relevance of listening to the tone differed between circumstances, as a result of the tone served because the go sign within the handwriting situation solely. Transformed left-handers confirmed a comparatively stronger writing-related activation of the posteromedial a part of the best superior temporal gyrus, which varieties a part of the auditory affiliation cortex (Zatorre and Belin, 2001). This differential activation sample suggests a practical asymmetry of auditory processing associated to the course of handedness. This idea corroborates morphometric MRI research that demonstrated a weaker leftward asymmetry of the planum temporale in left-handers versus right-handers (Steinmetz, 1996). Alternatively, the activation sample within the superior temporal gyrus could also be associated to the language facet of writing and thus point out a much less pronounced left-hemispheric dominance for language in transformed left-handers in contrast with right-handers (Knecht et al., 2000).


Grownup transformed left-handers present persistent options of left-handedness throughout right-hand writing. Extending earlier research, which emphasised practical asymmetries on the government degree of the motor system (e.g., the SM1), our outcomes present proof for a neural substrate of human handedness in premotor and parietal motor affiliation areas.


This subsequent level might also quicken your work move.

I primarily constructed ambidextrous coordination via mirror picture journaling,

sure, identical to Leonardo da Vinci,

and I’d write solely on clean sheets of paper.

To my shock, my left hand turned extremely good at writing completely straight throughout these clean sheets of paper.  

To assist clarify why that is,

I’m going to introduce your two brains.

You will have a left mind that controls the best facet of the physique, processes and thinks in language, and categorizes info. 

Its good friend, the best mind, controls the left facet of the physique, interprets sensory enter, and offers with spacial consciousness.

So, for instance,

if you happen to’re standing on the seaside watching the sundown, the best mind is taking in all the colours and constructing the picture so that you can understand, and the left mind is telling you “that is the solar, and that may be a wave, that is sand, and what a stupendous sundown.” 

Figure 3: TOS-SIT 2017 Tears of Strength* –

Determine 3: TOS-SIT 2017 Tears of Power* – Paintings accomplished proper handed and left handed utilizing an indirect pen and iron gal ink

Now you is perhaps pondering,

“Why ought to I write with each fingers?”

Again in 2012, my mentor Michael J. Lavery, creator and founding father of Whole Brain Power, advised me that the explanation I used to be doing dangerous in class was as a result of my mind was unfit for the duty.

So, ambidexterity was an train that might assist my mind turn out to be stronger in order that I might do properly in class and to my shock,

it labored.

Inside 3 months

  • I had the biggest consideration I’d ever had in my life,
  • my reminiscence was sharper than ever,
  • and I had a lot extra vitality via the day. 

Extra importantly as a conceptual and high-quality artist, I started noticing some actual radical modifications. I used to be studying new technical duties extra rapidly, I used to be experiencing higher high-quality extra management, and I used to be pondering extra creatively than ever.

However you’re excited about studying and enhancing your hand lettering and calligraphy expertise,

am I proper? So, how can ambidexterity provide help to? Properly, during the last six years I’ve observed some radical outcomes from coaching myself and educating others to turn out to be ambidextrous via the pen.

Figure 1: Practicing left handed in mirr

Determine 1: Practising left handed in mirror picture and proper handed ahead to expedite the talent proficiency of my proper hand

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