How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog (6 Easy Ways!)

Can I Use Pinterest Without A Blog?

Yes you can.

You can use Pinterest as a regular consumer to get inspiration for your next outfit, DIY project, meal to prep or find the next best book to read!

If you want to earn money from Pinterest – you can most certainly do without a blog. 

Some common ways are selling physical products via etsy, selling digital products, affiliate marketing and marketing your own service based business.


7 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

Alright, let's get down to the nitty-gritty then, shall we? Just how do you actually make money with Pinterest? How do you move from traffic to actual revenue? We've got you covered. Here are seven of the best ways we've found to make money with Pinterest.

Sponsorships from Promoting Brands

Companies are always looking for a cost efficient way to market their products to interested customers. Sponsorships have become a very popular option because the return on investment (ROI) tends to be so high.

When you can show you have a devoted following on Pinterest there are likely to be companies who are willing to pay to sponsor you. The amount they are willing to pay depends on the niche, the number of followers you have, and the traffic that your analytics will show.

Think outside the box. There are likely to be obvious brands or companies to go ask for a sponsorship. There are also plenty of related niches where you might find potential partners. That means many good opportunities for creating a partnership. This is often especially true with smaller to mid-sized brands. They also often don't require the same traffic numbers as larger ones when it comes to sponsorship options.

Joint Promotions

A joint promotion on Pinterest is when a brand works together with a creator on Pinterest to develop a group of pins or on-going campaign of pins that focus on the brand in a creative way. This is basically a joint partnership to help a brand with a marketing campaign on Pinterest.

The idea is that by working with a creator who knows their audience, the joint promotion will create a very original campaign that keeps the voice and feel of the creator while still acting as a great message for the brand.

Joint promotions are actually quite common on Pinterest and have often been extremely beneficial for both parties involved. If you show some creativity in your pins, it's likely only a matter of time until you find some joint promotion offers.

Pinterest Consulting

The word is out about Pinterest has to offer. Because of that, the demand for consulting services is high. When you build a page that shows you know what you're doing you can leverage that into selling your services.

There is a very high demand for capable consultants. Keep in mind that some people or companies are looking for some basic advice. Others are looking for a one-time, in-depth look at an account to change it and optimize it for better results. There are also some people who don't know the difference between consulting and VA services.

Because of that, it's not uncommon to start out as a Pinterest consultant and asked for prices for more extensive services. Helping others right their Pinterest accounts and find more success is a great way to make money from Pinterest.

Many people learn best from being directly taught. Even with so much great information online many people prefer the face-to-face method. Pinterest consulting can be an amazing way to add a side hustle to what you're already doing anyway.

Teach Pinterest Strategies

You can make money with Pinterest by teaching effective strategies for the individuals who want to make more out of their current efforts. Sometimes a person is just interested in a bit of advice or a quick fix. Then there are those who want to learn the ins and outs of how something works so they can do it themselves. Being able to teach effective Pinterest strategies can be a great way to make money with Pinterest.

Some people might be more interested in building a following. Others will be interested in getting more paid partnerships or joint ventures. Some individuals want to mimic your success. The more you master these strategies the more you'll be able to offer.

This could be through direct teaching, creating an online course on a platform like Udemy, or a variety of other methods. This is a great way to further monetize Pinterest using skills and knowledge you already have.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA)

Working as a Pinterest virtual assistant takes the consulting to the natural next level. Many people understand the importance of having a solid and active Pinterest presence but don't have the time. Or don't want to spend their limited hours on that task.

This is where a good Pinterest VA can come in. if you have the right Pinterest skills and the right tools, this is an easy bit of work for good pay. Being a Pinterest VA is a great way to make money on Pinterest. There are certainly worse ways to get paid!

This often goes hand-in-hand with consulting services or teaching services. Think about selling these services in packages so you have set prices for a certain expected set of services. This is one of the most popular ideas for how to make money on Pinterest. It is a service that is in very high demand.

Improve Pinterest Presence for Others

Think of this as a paid partnership with other creators on Pinterest. Some people have great accounts but don't know how to reach out. Improving presence could be finding good accounts for them to follow and connect with. This could mean minor changes to the pins and boards to attract more attention.

Each account is going to have its individual potential challenges. Being able to come in, see what a Pinterest account does well and doesn't do well, and then work to get a specialized plan for them to improve presence is a very valuable skill.

Sometimes people have the basics down but are just missing one or two services you could provide to take them to the next level.

Being able to pitch specific actions that will get results can be a very lucrative way to make money with Pinterest. Those skills are valuable!

Tips for Making Money on Pinterest

  • Create eye-catchy pins

Colors play a pivotal role in attracting people’s attention. Hence, aim to create a vibrant pin that stands out with shades and a rich text overlay. For this purpose, make use of graphic design tools. Additionally, your photo should be vertically oriented and of high quality. 

How to Create Pins on Pinterest that GO VIRAL

  • Know How to Describe Your Pins 

This is a very crucial step to protect your pin and gain followers. Hence, you need to include the right keywords to get your pin discovered. In addition, you need to ensure these keywords appear in the pin description, the text overlay, the board title, the board description, or your profile description. To find a suitable keyword, always start with a broader one and see the related keywords. It is from here you can encounter other pins using these keywords. You can also check the number of followers for a specific keyword. As you get more keywords, you can blend them within sentences. 

Pinterest Pin Descriptions: How to Write Descriptions for the Pinterest Algorithm

  • Make Sure You Have a Business Account

A Pinterest business account comes with exclusive advertising and marketing features. Hence, getting a business account to reach new audiences is vital. In addition, you can also get creative with formats like video, carousel, or collections, which will help you pop into users’ accounts. 

  • Schedule Pins

To stir your audience’s interest, you have to post pins individually in a leisurely manner. For this purpose, you can adopt the use of scheduling tools to deploy your pins and save time. 

  • Have a Press or Media Kit

If you wish to gain sponsorships, collaborate with brands, or host advertisements, as you must convey your value to potential customers. Hence, a media kit is a document that showcases data on your followers and engagement. 

Media Kit Examples & Templates

6. Re-pin others pins to win an audience and make money

Pinterest is a social network, so the easiest way to get people to re-pin your pins is to be active. Pin others’ pins, particularly those people in your target audience. They will notice you, and may even start following your boards.

Step-by-step guide: How to make money on Pinterest

TIPS: This guide is fairly detailed so you may want to bookmark this page and come back to it if you can’t finish it today.

There are two popular ways to make money on Pinterest.

One way is to start a money-making blog (my top recommendation), and the other method doesn’t require a blog, which I talk more about later on.

In either case, you don’t need any experience to start!

I, myself, started with NO experience and was able to eventually make over $5,000 per month at my own pace within the first year (I will mention later that I struggled for many months before making my first $1,000)!

UPDATE: Though earnings can be volatile, it completely blows my mind that I am making OVER now $20,000 per month just by driving free traffic to my blog using Pinterest! 😲

And trust me, I’m not special in any way!

In fact, I had A LOT of self-doubts because I always thought you had to be either really tech-savvy or a great writer to start a blog and make money on Pinterest. But no, this is far from the truth!

As long as you have basic computer skills such as typing (which most of us do in 2022) AND you have a strong willingness to learn and actually implement what I’m about to say, then you are ready to start using Pinterest to your advantage. 

Before we dive into the other methods, let’s first talk about how to make money with Pinterest with a blog. This is one of the best and most rewarding options in my honest opinion!

How do I get noticed on Pinterest?

As mentioned earlier, building a successful blog and a solid Pinterest account doesn’t happen overnight, so it will take time to gain followers and get noticed on Pinterest.

Make sure to follow my tips from the section above on how to get 1,000 followers on Pinterest.

On top of that, while you’re creating your blog and building your Pinterest account, I recommend following other Pinterest accounts within your blog niche that are more established and have higher authority than yours.

That way, this will also give Pinterest an idea of what your blog or Pinterest account is about (e.g. sewing, home décor, personal finance, budgeting, travel, etc.). When Pinterest has an idea of what your account is about, it will recommend other users and pinners who are interested in those topics to follow you, hence growing your followers naturally over time.

Creating a Killer Pinterest Account

The first step is getting a lot of experience using this social media site. The best teacher is experience. If you want to master Pinterest you need to go through being a beginner and learn your stuff first hand. Every website or online platform is a little bit different. Learning what the people who spend a lot of time on Pinterest are looking for (and what they aren't).

This type of insight not only helps you create better pins that will attract attention and shares, but also teach you what to avoid. Learn how the online environment works.

3. Promote affiliate products

Many companies want affiliates who will promote their products for a small commission on the sales that result. Find companies that sell products you can promote, and sign up as an affiliate. Then promote the products on your boards, using your affiliate links.

Tip: use an URL-shortening service like Bitly to manage your links. You’ll be able to track your pins and boards for the number of clicks.

Regarding spamming. Periodically Pinterest takes action against affiliate marketing spammers. If you get caught up in this, link your pins to your own website, where you can use affiliate links.

Etsy/ Shopify store

Pinterest is a shopping platform, and it has never been easier than before to advertise your products and services.

Make sure you connect your store to your profile and activate rich pins, so your prices and availability are updated automatically on your pins!

If you have physical or digital products, I recommend doing a photoshoot with your products. Naturally, highlight them not just against just a white background. Have photos of them being used.

Idea pins are huge with pinners because you can show in real-time how to use your products and what it’s actually like so try and create at least 1-4 idea pins per week.

With Pinterest, you can link your account to your Etsy store. All you need to do is go to your account > settings > claim and you should see an option for Etsy there. Go ahead and connect your store with Etsy.

For Shopify, it’s slightly more complicated, but you can read how to do it here.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash
Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Brand sponsorships

Another incredibly exciting way to make money with Pinterest is with brand sponsorships and in recent years, Pinterest has made that a lot easier for creators.

This is where you can work with brands directly and tag their brand on Pinterest. Bloggers, it’s time to add Pinterest sponsorship to your media kit ASAP!

Pinterest has announced as well that when brands are tagged, they will have the option to promote that piece of content which leads to more exposure to the content you have created.

This is a win-win for both the brand and the creator since your account will also be boosted in the process.

If you haven’t already, I would include Pinterest partnership to your list of services if you’re a blogger.

The best way to create this partnership is with idea pins and the great thing is that they are blowing up right now. 

Try creating an idea pin today and then include the example of it for brands to see what it would look like working with you!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

How to Make Money on Pinterest with a Blog?

The most popular way to earn money on Pinterest is through blogs. This is because Pinterest helps generate free traffic to your blog and helps you make more than $20,000 per month. Here are some basics steps to follow:

  1. Start a blog and focus on writing epic content that is inspiring or problem-solving, related to your niche.
  2. Set up a Pinterest business account and verify your domain. 
  3. Create Pinterest boards and pins with clickable images and titles. 
  4. Join group boards and make your personnel boards every month.
  5. Use keywords to optimize your pins, boards, and description. 

From here, you can earn in two ways: 

  1. Driving traffic to your blog
  2. Make money on Pinterest with Google Adsense

How to Make Money on Pinterest with a Blog?

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How Does Pinterest Make Money?

While making money on Pinterest sounds intriguing, you may also want to know, “How does Pinterest make money?” After all, if you want to know how to make money on Pinterest, it helps to learn more about how Pinterest gains financially as well.

Pinterest makes money from the sale of digital ads–also called “Promoted Pins.” Promoted Pins feature an image, video, or several images that users can explore further. Pinterest advertisers target specific demographics, devices, or locations to attract customers who have previously shown an interest in their products or services.

In May 2020, Pinterest and Shopify entered into a partnership so Shopify could share their products with Pinterest subscribers. This allowed Shopify sellers to use a Pinterest app to upload catalogs to the Pinterest site, turning their items into clickable “Product Pins.” This is a win-win situation with respect to making money. Both Pinterest and Shopify vendors get paid from this activity.

The Pinterest app previously enabled merchants on Shopify to create ads on the Pinterest platform and monitor the performance data. Therefore, the recent integration makes it simpler for Shopify retailers to broaden their product listings on Pinterest. The added exposure means reaching out to approximately 367 million active Pinterest users each month. The more exposure – the more money for Shopify, its vendors, and Pinterest.

8 Ways to Make Money with a Pinterest Account

A successful Pinterest strategy just requires some planning. First, sign up for a Pinterest business account. Then consider how you’ll direct other pinners to your site or another destination where you can earn an income. Here are some options to consider.

1. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest virtual assistants run accounts for other users. You can create pins, promote them, and schedule content for brands. If you want to earn money as a Pinterest VA, create your own account to show your abilities. Then market your services on your website or contact your favorite brands to offer your services.

2. Include Affiliate Links in Pins

Pinterest affiliate marketing involves creating pins that include a direct affiliate link to relevant products or services. When another user clicks the link from your pin, they’ll be directed to a site where they can purchase. If they do, you earn commission from each sale. Sign up as an affiliate with your favorite brands and sprinkle in affiliate links with other content that’s valuable to your audience.

3. Partner with Brands

You can also partner directly with brands to promote their products or services for shoppable idea pins. This strategy generally requires that you already have a lot of followers and traffic on your pins. To monetize Pinterest in this way, create rates you’ll charge brands for single pins and other content.

4. Offer Pinterest Consulting Services

If you have experience creating your own successful Pinterest strategy, consider offering Pinterest consulting services to other brands. First, you need to demonstrate your ability to promote your own website using the visual search engine. Then market to other Pinterest users looking to make money with their Pinterest strategies.

5. Drive Traffic to Your ECommerce Site

If you sell physical products, Pinterest can be a perfect way to bring in more sales. Create pins that include photos and links to your products. Then your pins can raise brand awareness and bring more interested buyers to your site.

6. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Similarly, bloggers can use Pinterest to drive traffic. This increases blogging income if you use sponsored posts or affiliate links to monetize your site. The more visitors you bring through Pinterest, the higher your chances of running a profitable and successful blog.

7. Sell Pinterest Templates

Lots of Pinterest users rely on the site to bring traffic to their online content or products. And certain types of images and design elements are more likely to perform well on the site. For example, many eye catching pins include an image with text over it. Your templates may include the basic format of these images. So your customers can simply insert their own images and headlines.

8. Teach Pinterest Marketing

If you’re a Pinterest pro, teach your strategies to other online business owners in exchange for a fee. Launch your own site and create an online course with various modules. You might even include it with content about other social media platforms or marketing strategies.

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