How to Make Money Fast as a Woman; 10 Fun Ideas

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35. Blogging

Did you know that you can make money blogging? This takes some effort on the front end, but can continue to grow and become more passive.

You can make money blogging by using affiliate marketing, display ads, text ads and more.

There is not a lot of maintenance or upkeep once you build your blog. You can build a blog in any niche from Food to finance to entrepreneurship to dog training… There are so many spaces you can be in.

The Good Financial Cents blog brings in $200,000-300,000 per month through affiliate marketing and advertising.


27. Rental property

With the right property, and a good plan, you can actually keep up with a rental with a relatively small investment of time. You can even hire a property manager to take care of most of the tasks, assuming you have enough income to afford it.

A good rental property can be an excellent way to make money if you do it right.

Become a hands model

A hands model is a person who is hired to model their hands.

This can involve anything from wearing and displaying different types of jewelry to showing off new nail colors or hand lotions.

As a hands model, you’ll need to have well-groomed and attractive hands.

You may also be required to wear fake nails or have your nails done in a certain way for certain jobs.

If you’re interested in becoming a hands model, the best way to get started is to contact a modeling agency or look online for job postings.

You can also create a portfolio of your work to show potential clients.

Hands models typically earn between $50 and $200 per hour, depending on the job.

So if you’ve got great hands, why not put them to work?

Donate your eggs to earn up to $10,000!

Egg donation is a lot more complicated and intrusive than sperm donation, and therefore pays a great deal more. Egg donors often receive $8,000 to $10,000 per egg donation for their time and effort.

However, the process to prepare and retrieve the eggs can take several weeks to months. It requires extensive screenings, as well as medical preparation, in order to be able to complete this process.

If you’re interested in donating eggs for money, check out this guide.

Donate Blood Plasma to earn up to $1,000/mo!

Blood plasma is part of your blood. Specifically, it is the liquid part that carries the blood cells around your body.

Plasma donations are used to create treatments for many different conditions and diseases, such as burns, rabies, tetanus, clotting disorders, immune disorders, Rh incompatibility in pregnant women and more.

When you donate plasma, the donation center will usually pay you for your time and effort. You could receive hundreds of dollars per month (possibly even $1,000 or more, depending on your circumstances and the policies at your local center) through regular blood plasma donations.

For more information on how to sell your blood plasma, check this out.

Be a gestational surrogate

Being a surrogate is an amazing way to help struggling couples have children while also making some extra money. It’s a huge commitment, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding experience.

As a woman, you have the unique ability to gestate and bear children. This is an ability that many couples desperately want but can’t have for themselves.

As a surrogate, you can bring the joy of parenthood to them. The process starts with you undergoing a series of medical screenings to make sure you’re healthy enough to carry a baby.

Once you’re cleared, you’ll be matched with a couple who are looking for a surrogate.

You’ll then work with their fertility doctor to get pregnant with their child.

The pregnancy and delivery will be just like any other pregnancy, but you will be carrying the child for someone else.

After the baby is born, you’ll hand them over to their parents and receive your payment, which can range from $20,000 to $40,000.

3. Work as an extra

Anyone can be an extra in films, ads or TV programmes. Film companies look for people of all ages, sizes, shapes and looks.

Extras agencies work like temping agencies, and you can join as many as you like. Find a list of agencies for the UK at But be careful – there are a lot of charlatans in this sector.

If you get a good agency, though, you can make money. The day rate for a “supporting artiste” is £79.59 plus travel money. You make extra for overtime, using your own costume, night work and all sorts. Most of the time you will get free meals on set, and they’re often very good.


What body images can you sell online? Below are some of the coolest and best ways to get paid for pictures of your body.

1. Feet and Toe Pictures

Refer to our comprehensive guide on; How to sell feet photos, where to sell feet photos, and how much to charge for feet photos.

The keyword “sell feet photos” receives around 83 million searches per second on Google, according to the search engine’s statistics. That implies that selling photographs of feet is extremely popular.

Footwear manufacturers, the health and wellness industry, and sports groups are just a few examples of sectors that rely heavily on foot images to market their services and products to customers.

It is important for marketers and companies to include high-quality professional images of feet in their marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of individuals on the Internet who are making money by selling photos of their feet as a side venture.

2. Hand and Hair Pictures

Hand pictures may be used for a variety of purposes. They can, for example, be used to advertise a service such as nail art design.

Besides that, they may be used to educate gestures, to teach behaviors such as how to wash and clean hands correctly, and even to relay messages such as the sorts of skin illnesses that can be found on hands.

Hair Products manufacturers are always looking for hair models to market and advertise hair-styling products.

Hair-product models are used by salons, catalogs, and manufacturers to assist in the promotion of style aids that may smooth, scrunch, relax, color, tone, and hydrate hair, among other things.

You can obtain free hair care freebies and products by modeling for hair products, and you can utilize the professional photos you get to apply for additional modeling jobs.

Hairdressers and saloons are also looking to showcase their portfolios to potential clients too.

Perform an online search for hair models in your location.  Use Google to find local hair model agencies, manufacturers, and hair salons.

Check if the agency represents “part” models, such as hair and feet. Photographers, marketing firms, and hair-product manufacturers are among the most common employers of hair models.

and that’s not all

If you have gorgeous hair that you don’t want to keep, you may sell it on websites such as

Did you know that human hair is used to make the finest wigs and hair extensions? 

If you are always receiving compliments on your long hair or locks and you’re looking for a way to earn some additional money, you may want to consider selling it.

Your hair may be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Calculate how much your hair is worth by Clicking Here

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Going rate: Up to $1,500 or more

Artisans, beauticians, and wig makers are happy to buy your lengthy tresses for a pretty penny, says Marlys Fladeland, founder of the Victorian Hairwork Society, which buys long tresses and uses them to craft jewelry, purses and other objects.

“The hair that is most qualified for the highest price would be hair in good condition, very long, and straight,” says Fladeland, adding that “virgin hair” that has never been dyed is the most attractive to buyers. “Anything under 10 inches, I wouldn’t even post online. I think the best-selling hair is at least 15 to 35 inches, and some have been sold at 54 inches.”

Color counts, too. Gray hair may not sell at all, but natural blonds and brunettes with natural chestnut tinges sell well, with redheads financially faring the best, Fladeland says. Though hair prices can reach into the thousands, many sellers get only a few hundred dollars. You can also hawk your luscious locks through sites such as, or Craigslist. Selling your hair too much of a leap? You can make your money work for you by opening a high yield savings account and taking advantage of up to 1.75 percent APY. 

Be a milkwoman

Selling breast milk online is a growing trend in t

Selling breast milk online is a growing trend in the UK. In 2019 mothers are still selling their breast milk at £1 an ounce on Facebook!

If you want to make money selling your body and you have a surplus of breast milk, there are other mothers out there who would be willing to buy it. Sites such as allow you to put up ads and give you the freedom to charge what you like for your milk. As the practice is fairly new, the selling of breast milk is unregulated which means there are potential dangers for the buyer.

If you do plan on selling breast milk you should have yourself screened to make sure you don’t pass on any infections.

If you feel uncomfortable with selling your milk but you do have a surplus you can always donate to a milk bank for free. This will provide milk for babies whose mothers haven’t been able to produce breast milk and for babies in the Special Care Babies Unit who are dependent upon breast milk donations.

See our article on selling your breast milk for all the contact details for charity and commercial places that will take your milk.


1. 500px

The 500px website is the highest paying in the industry for photographers.

If you are looking for a side hustle that pays and adds to your portfolio, you must try this website! With over 16 million active users, this website is among the most popular places to sell photos online, with some users making up to $150 per picture.

It has both a paid and a free version. You can either join by signing up for free or paying a bit extra for 500px Prime.

If you are a fresh beginner and still figuring out how to make money selling photos of yourself, I would highly suggest you go with the free option first.

Here are some hacks and tips to gain more traffic and sales for your photos on 500px:

Add relevant keywords to your photos. This helps users and visitors discover your page and buy your content. A keyword is a word or phrase that online users usually type or enter in a website’s search box to find photos.

Include the location where you took the photo. This helps visitors find the photo of their desired location.

Be consistent and keep your portfolio fresh by adding new images.

With 500px, you keep 60% of the revenue from exclusive license photos and 30% from non-exclusive photos. The price of a standard license is usually $250. If you choose an exclusive license for your images, you can sell them more, but it will limit you to only selling through their platform.

Payments are usually made through PayPal. The best part about 500px is that it holds cash rewards ranging from $150-$500+, giving you a more significant opportunity to maximize sales.

Womb and board

Going rate: Around $35,000 to $53,000

Gestational surrogates carry the sperm and egg from a couple until the child is born. Because the surrogacy process usually lasts 15 to 18 months from initial application through birth, ConceiveAbilities’ screening process is much lengthier and includes medical and psychological evaluations, along with a criminal background check, home visit, and information on the applicant’s financial status.

Surrogates can be older than egg donors—early 20s to early 40s is the industry range, Fontes says—and many clinics require applicants to have experienced at least one uncomplicated pregnancy. In addition to adhering to strict medical requirements while carrying, surrogates sign a gestational surrogacy contract with the intended parents and may need to follow additional requirements on diet and lifestyle.

They must be clear on the terms of the arrangement. Since health care costs associated with the procedure can be high and complications are common, surrogates should read the fine print of their contract carefully and be absolutely sure of what’s required before signing.

Get your kit off for the artists

Life modelling is perhaps the ultimate way to make

Life modelling is perhaps the ultimate way to make money selling your body. You can make around £10 an hour and hopefully end up with some (yes…hopefully!) beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Before you jump in however, you need to consider if it is really for you.

  • You’ll have to be comfortable with people staring intensely at you – whilst you’re naked!
  • Sessions tend to go on for about three hours, with a couple of breaks, so you’ll have to be ok holding the same position for a while.
  • Equally, they may expect you to have some of your own poses, so it’s good to have a few prepared.
  • It’s also not uncommon to be asked to model with someone of the opposite sex.

So do make sure life modelling is something you’ll be comfortable with as a way to make money selling your body.

Pay varies, but you can expect to earn between £8-£12 an hour, largely depending on whereabouts in the country you are based.

Some people, however, have told us they earn up to £40 a class.

Modelling is considered a professional occupation. You’ll find most work won’t get paid in cash so prepare to have to work on PAYE and supply a National Insurance number.

For more information about making extra cash read our full article about making extra money and paying more tax.

To get started your first port of call should be local art colleges and education centres. Also keep an eye out for adverts in shop windows, newspapers and online.

There’s also a great website – The Arts Model Register – which acts as a sort of unofficial modelling union and features jobs from all over the country.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of completely nude modelling as a way to make money selling your body, then there are other opportunities.

For more information please read our article on making money as a life model.


How to Make Money Fast as a Woman FAQs

How Can I Make Money Immediately?

Make money almost immediately by becoming a freelancer and offering virtual assistant services or freelance writing. This allows you to work your own schedule, meaning you have more time and freedom to both save money and build your own business.

While there are hundreds of ways to earn extra cash on the side, you could spend hours and hours completing online surveys or looking for cash reward sites for very little return on your time. Your best route to generating consistent extra income is to build a successful online business.

How Can I Make Money Fast as a Stay at Home Mom?

Any of the above suggestions and ideas are perfect for stay at home Mom’s! For more ideas on making money online check out my post 189 Lifestyle Business Ideas.

How Can I Make Extra Money Online on the Weekends?

See my post 10 Remote Weekend Jobs to Boost Your Income.

5. Earn cash by winking

Yes, seriously., an online beauty retailer, says it will pay you 10p per wink if you will sport its logo on your eyelid.

Apply through its website and if you’re successful it will send you tiny temporary transfers of the logo to put on your eyelids. It wants photographic evidence of your winks and then it will pay on a Pay-Per-Wink (PPW) basis for a maximum of 1,000 winks (so £100 per model).

Yes, it’s just a PR stunt, but they’re prepared to pay.