How to Make Money as a Kid During Winter Break

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14. Write Resumes for People

The beginning of the new year usually signifies the start of the job hunt for most people. One way through which you can make money during this season is to help others with their job hunt by editing or writing their resumes.

According to Glassdoor, a carefully written one-page resume can earn you an average of $21 per hour.

However, you need to have the right skills to offer this type of service.

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4. Proofread

If you love grammar, are passionate about reading, and also have editing skills, then you can list your proofreading services on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Freelancers on these websites offer proofreading services for articles, website copies, and business plans.

As a proofreader, you can earn as much as $85 per hour on Upwork or $100 per project on Fiverr.

6 Outside Chores

If you’re prepared to be out in the cold, then one of the best (although maybe not easy) ways to make fast cash in winter is to do outside chores for neighbors and local people. Clearing snow and cutting wood are examples of jobs that people may be unwilling or unable to do.

3. Babysit

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Parents are super busy with holiday parties and office parties over the break. Offer to watch your cousins, neighbors, siblings, nieces or nephews. You’ll have fun and make good money in the process. If your neighborhood or high school has an email list-serv, send something out letting everyone know you’re available to help.

3. Writing an e-book

If you love writing and have expertise on a given topic, consider writing a work of nonfiction or fiction about it. E-books are a good way to earn passive income: Although they take work upfront, once the writing is finished and the book is up, people can keep purchasing it long after you've finished writing.

Michelle Jackson, a digital entrepreneur who's written more than 15 e-books, recommends tuning into what people are asking about. Jackson's first e-book was about Colorado, her home state. "I would get all these questions about moving here," she recently told Grow. "So I was clued in to the fact that that's a book."

Jackson recommends looking into publishing platforms including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Gumroad. Keep in mind fees will eat into that list price. Barnes & Noble charges a 15% commission fee, for example, while Gumroad charges either 8.5% plus $0.30 per sale or 3.5% plus $0.30 per sale, depending on which type of account you have.

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3 Indoor Sale

Since winter isn’t the time for garage sales, unless you live in a warmer climate, look for indoor sales as a way to earn extra cash. These may be held as fundraisers, where you rent a table to sell your unwanted items. You could also hold a sale in your home, but make sure you have help around for security.

Put Your Truck in Gear

You can’t talk about how to make money in the winter without mentioning snow plowing.

There are some jobs that are just too big for a shovel. If you own a truck and plow, you could be someone’s lifesaver.

Setting up a plowing service can be done in a couple of different ways. You could subcontract yourself out to your town or neighborhood, or you could run an on-call business. Determine what would work best for you to cover your expenses.

Don’t forget to check into necessary permits and insurance for the area you live in.

8. Sell your stuff

While you’re at home over break, take the opportunity to go through clothes, electronics, books and other belongings you no longer need. You can take them to consignment shops or sell them yourself online.

5. Advertising on your car

If you still have a long commute to work or find yourself driving around town regularly, you could be making money off those trips by transforming your car into a marketing vehicle (literally and figuratively).

Wrapify is an app that lets users match with a company's local marketing campaign and cover their cars with its ads. Depending on how much of your car you want covered ― full, partial, and so on ― Wrapify estimates you could be earning between $174 and $452 per month. Drivers must be at least 21 years old.

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Set Up a Hot Chocolate Stand

If you want to teach your kids how to make money in the winter, a hot chocolate stand will do the trick.

Much like a lemonade stand in the summer, they can set up a table with a thermos or two of hot chocolate and sell it for $0.50 – $1 a cup. They can even charge an extra $0.05 for marshmallows.

3. Clear snow

In most states, homeowners are responsible for clearing the snow in their driveway and on the sidewalk in front of their home. Not doing so could result in a ticket: In New York City, the fine is up to $350.

As a snow shoveler, you can earn anywhere from $30 to $100 per driveway or walkway, according to All you need to get started is a shovel, which costs as little as $10 from The Home Depot.

"When I was still in college, I shoveled driveways for about $100 per day," says Daniella Flores, the blogger behind i like to dabble. "It's pretty easy to do it in your neighborhood, just tell a couple of neighbors, or post it on the Nextdoor neighborhood app as a way to spread the word."

5. Clean out your closet

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Go through all of your clothes and sell what you don’t want at a local consignment store. Just try not to buy anything there while you’re selling your stuff if the goal is to be cash flow positive!

7. Be a reseller

This is something a lot of folks get into these days. Think of those guys who buy up storage lockers and then resell stuff or on a smaller scale, just become a person who spots something and then flips it into a profit, from jewelry to furniture and everything in between.

You can trade items and then you may find one that will turn into a big deal and profit from it if you don’t want to lay out big cash. If someone else wants it, then “trash” can really become a treasure! You can do this by shopping yard sales, getting rid of unwanted items around your home, or by trading between your friends.

8. Pet sit

If you have a pet, and you need to travel where you can’t take the pet with you, then things get really difficult really quickly. So if you have a love for animals, then you could offer to keep someone’s pet while they travel. This is a good way to make extra money, but you have to remember to always take great care of the animals you watch. They are literally someone’s fur baby. If you want to walk someone’s pet or pet sit for them, check out apps like Rover.

9. House sit

Basically, some people fear just going off and leaving the old homestead for more than a night or two. So why not offer your services to watch their home and also care for their pets and houseplants while they travel? It would be a great way to make some extra money, and you save on the costs of your own place on heat and light and even meals!

7. Help others get a ride

If you have your own vehicle, consider becoming a driver with a ride-share company like Uber or Lyft. Winter weather can mean more demand for drivers to deliver food or pick up passengers.

How much you can earn will depend on how long the ride is, the distance traveled, and whether or not it's a peak time. Al Castillo, a full-time ride-share driver in New York City, told CNBC earlier this year that he makes up to $540 per day.

How Do Gardeners Make Money In Winter?

Making money during the winter season is easier than you think. All it takes is a bit of planning and imagination. You do not need to work a vast piece of land to earn a stable income, although if you do have the available land, use it; we will show you how!

No doubt earning your income throughout the winter months may take a bit more effort than during the summer months but planning what to do for year-round seasons should be something that you do as a matter of course when deciding on your year plan.

How to begin planning for the colder months is possible with some thought. Try the following steps to starting your income-generating winter business!

1. Grow Winter Crops And Sell Them

1. Grow Winter Crops And Sell Them

Fresh, healthy produce will always be in great demand, no matter the season. If you do have surplus produce, try selling it to your extended family and friends. There are many ways to grow fresh produce through the winter season, either outdoors or indoors. 

Growing Outdoor Plants

Perennial plants will continue to grow year-round but may require some extra care during winter. 

Planting perennials in pots or containers is a good way for the plants to survive in even the harshest conditions as they can be moved to different locations as the need arises. Some plants are particularly suited to container life and can be sold for a profit.

Flowers And Shrubs

Many homeowners will purchase plants to add color to their homes and gardens during winter. Why not grow plants that people will buy to brighten up their environments? Buy some good-quality containers and grow these hardy plants for resale. They can survive the cold outdoor temperatures but may need to be protected from harsh winds and the sun.

  • Green Mountain boxwood
  • Heucheras
  • Red-twig dogwood
  • Hydrangeas


Growing vegetables in an outdoor garden are possible, but you need to plant suitable crops for your area. Do research online or visit your local garden center to see which vegetables are better suited to your location for winter growth and production

You do need to follow the planting instructions for sowing the seeds for harvest during the winter months to earn the income from the produce. The following vegetables are good winter growers and will produce a healthy crop. They are popular vegetables eaten by most people so they should sell well at your local market.

  • Peas
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Collards
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli


There are not many fruit trees that will bear fruit during the colder months unless you live in an area with a more moderate climate. Many citrus fruits are grown throughout the winter season, but only in the more temperate climate areas. Fresh fruit is in great demand during winter!

Fruit trees that do bear fruit even in the colder regions are:

  • Pears
  • Apricots
  • Cherries
  • Honeycrisp apples

Growing Indoor Plants

If you do have space, grow as many plants as you can indoors during the winter season. It does not take a lot of gardening equipment to grow a small indoor container garden for your family’s needs, but if you are growing to sell and earn an income, then try one of these methods.

Growing Plants In A Greenhouse

Growing plants in a greenhouse means that you will have an available fresh produce supply that you can enjoy year-round. Most plants can grow and thrive in a greenhouse through the winter. All they need is natural sunlight and water!

Even cold-hardy plants will thrive in a greenhouse. Plants like salad greens, peas, celery, herbs, and succulents can be grown in a greenhouse.

Growing plants in a greenhouse truly is a great way to maintain a stable income, especially if you are providing local hotels and restaurants with produce for their kitchens.

Growing Plants Using Hydroponics

This is another excellent way to grow the fresh produce that you need to supply your customers regularly. The great thing about growing plants the hydroponics way is that no soil is required, so if you can create the ideal indoor conditions, you are guaranteed a plentiful supply of the required produce.

Growing using this method would require an indoor space of either a greenhouse, a shed, or even your garage. This system does require heat, light, and ventilation to regulate the humidity for the plants to grow well.

Try growing spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts during the winter using this system.

2. Sell Seeds And Plants

2. Sell Seeds And Plants

Selling seeds is a relatively easy way to generate income. You can collect seeds from your own plants during the growing season and store them until needed. Package them into packs of 10 – 20 seeds and sell.

Package a few different seeds together in a packet as a variety starter pack and label as an indoor salad pack, a mixed veg pack, or a stir fry pack, for example.

Planting the seeds to sell as seedlings or small plants is a bit more difficult as you will need time and equipment to get the seedlings to a good selling size. Also, take into consideration the different growing times of the different plants and their specific growing needs.

The best way to start the seeds growing would be to plant them in small tubs with a growing medium and place them indoors until they begin to grow. This requires some maintenance as the plants could possibly not grow if the conditions are not right.

The best-selling plants are tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and broccoli, as they can be grown in individual pots indoors.

Think ahead and grow some extra seedlings to sell in the springtime. Grow houseplants and pots of indoors herbs to sell. Succulents are easy to propagate and are a wonderful splash of color in a nice container.

3. Sell Homemade Produce

3. Sell Homemade Produce

Selling your own homemade produce is a great way to earn that extra income that you need to get you through the winter. After selecting the produce you need for your own family, how about bottling, preserving, and selling the surplus?

There are so many ways to preserve, pickle, and store all your surplus fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables.  All it takes is a great recipe, a few ingredients, and some good glass jars.

Bottling your own produce to sell online or at your local market is a great way to guarantee income. You can use up all the fresh produce that you cannot sell without having to discard them.

Top Tip: Using good quality glass jars for bottling your preserved produce is a great idea and will appeal to the buyer as a gift or an item to display in their kitchen!

Use your homegrown produce to make the following homemade products:

  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Pickles

Ideas For Homemade Produce

Take a short stroll around your local market on the weekend to get an idea of what is for sale and, more importantly, what other customers are buying!

Using your own produce, try your hand at making the following to sell for your own income. You may have to purchase a few ingredients to get started, but the idea is to eventually grow everything you need to bake, preserve, and pickle your produce.

You will have to purchase glass jars and baking trays, but eventually, all the fresh produce should come from your garden. Try making the following for resale:

  • Tarts
  • Dried herbs
  • Herbal salts and oils
  • Bath oils
  • Tea blends
4. Have An On-Site Shop And Tea Garden

4. Have An On-Site Shop And Tea Garden

The best way to sell all your fresh and preserved goods is to have an onsite shop. Display and sell everything that you grow in your garden and have a selection of all your fresh, and preserved, and home-baked produce.

Set up an eye-catching gift display to sell your homemade tinctures, salts, and oils.

This does not have to be open every day, but you could open it once or twice a week, or perhaps once a month. Set out a few tables and chairs and offer a small menu with tea, coffee, and home-baked cookies and cakes.

Allow your customers to wander around your shop and buy all your homemade produce. Don’t forget to advertise your online site by selling mugs with your site name on them.

5. Teach Classes On How To Preserve, Pickle, Can,

5. Teach Classes On How To Preserve, Pickle, Can, And Bake

Now that you have figured out what to do with your surplus and are an expert at preserving, pickling, canning, and baking, how about offering lessons to the public on how to do it yourself?

This is always an excellent opportunity to use up your surplus produce and to promote your own company. Be sure to set up an onsite shop supplying everything required for your lesson and showcasing a selection of the other produce you have on offer. 

Many people would love to learn how to use up their leftover fruit and veggies and would sign up for a lesson or two on how to preserve their fresh produce.

Offer different classes for the other preserving methods, ensuring that your customers will return for another lesson!

How about offering a package deal for a Mother and daughter to learn how to bake a tart? Include a light lunch and a free recipe book in the agreement. 

6. Sell Homemade Tinctures

6. Sell Homemade Tinctures

Another homemade product that is often in great demand is tinctures and salves. These days, many people are turning to traditional herbal medicines as treatments for their ailments. By growing your own herbs, you can produce many traditional herbal medicines.

If you are going to produce herbal medicines, be sure to get the necessary training and permits before you continue.

7. Get Creative

If you have a big enough outdoor space, hold a winter market once or twice a month, or even every season! You can charge the local community to rent a tablespace from you to sell their goods. This would be similar to a community market day, except that you could offer entertainment geared around the theme, culminating in an evening bonfire and roasted marshmallows!

Arranging annual events will bring in extra income for you and promote your business at the same time, free advertising!

8. Rent Out Your Space

8. Rent Out Your Space

Rent out a room in your home as a guest room, offering dinner, bed, and breakfast for a small fee.

If you live in a winter wonderland with lots of snow and big trees and fields, advertise your garden as a backdrop for photographers to use for their photoshoots. Arrange a package deal with the photographer, which could include the use of the venue and a light lunch prepared in your kitchen using your fresh produce.

9. Offer Gardening Clean-up Services

Winter is a great time to advertise your services to your community. Many homeowners would rather leave their garden as is during the winter, but some would like their gardens maintained during the cold months.

For a fee, you could rake up fallen leaves, cut down dead trees and broken branches, or even paint the garden shed if necessary

Wintertime is always a great time to start planning a spring garden, so offer your customers your services as a consultant.

10. Become Internet Savvy!

By now, you should have enough information on what to do to earn extra income by using up your produce and offering your time and venue.

Another way to earn an income is through using the internet. You can set up an online site to sell your produce or homemade goods. By advertising your own goods for sale on your site, you should be able to earn a little bit extra.

Offer your site to others to sell their goods or even sell advertising space on your site. Create an e-Book and sell it online. Use your imagination here and write about what you know and what people are buying from you.

Set up online tutorials on how to plan and manage a garden. You could offer suggestions on what to plant during which season, garden maintenance, and landscaping by managing your own blog site.

Include mugs and mouse pads displaying your logo for sale on the site to remind people of who you are!

14. Do the legwork

Do any local businesses need help distributing fliers or making holiday deliveries? While you’re doing your own holiday shopping, keep an eye out for an opportunity to offer your services.