How much can you make a day with Survey Junkie?

About the Company

  • Survey Junkie is an online platform that pays users for taking digital surveys. 
  • Reward points earned with Survey Junkie can be redeemed for gift cards for popular brands or transfers to your PayPal account.
  • You can take Survey Junkie surveys on your computer or your favorite mobile device at any time of the day or night.
  • Signing up with Survey Junkie is 100% free.

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

If you’ve been eager to know how to get started with Survey Junkie, here are the easy steps:

Register an account

You just need to go to this page to create a new account. The requirements to join are 16 years of age at the minimum and being a resident of the US, Canada, or Australia. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook, or Google.

You’ll then fill out details like your zip code, country, birthday, gender, name, and password. You can then log into your Survey Junkie account.

Your information helps Survey Junkie find the best surveys for you. You’ll find earning opportunities depending on demographics like your age and location. For that reason, completing your profile is essential.

Take surveys

Once you get a survey you qualify for, you just need to answer the questions and get paid. You can do it anywhere and anytime using your phone or even your computer.

The good thing about Survey Junkie is that Surveys are optional. If you don’t like a particular survey, you can leave it out.

You’re also free not to continue with a survey even after starting it. But completed surveys are the only ones that the platform pays you for.

Get rewards

Survey Junkies gives you points for every survey you complete. It depends on factors such as the length of a survey.

This means that long surveys come with more points than shorter surveys. But most of them just take several minutes to finish.

You can redeem your points once you have enough of them in your account.


Is Survey Junkie Legit?

First, let’s discuss what makes a survey site legitimate: a positive history, real ways to earn money, and no shady tactics.

Survey Junkie was founded in 2011 in Glendale, CA. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and currently has a B rating.[1] According to the BBB website, the reason for its rating is that it has over 280 complaints from customers, all of which appear to be resolved.

It also has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. With a combined total of more than 12,800 reviews, Survey Junkie has an overall positive track record.

Its website honestly states, “You will NOT get rich by taking surveys,” and thousands of users report earning real money with its surveys.

How much does Survey Junkie pay?

Surveys typically pay between $0.50 and $3 each. If you qualify for and complete three surveys each week, then you could earn an easy $1.50 to $12 per month for a few minutes of your time. If you qualify for the occasional product testing or focus group, then you could make an additional $5 to $150 for each one you participate in.

There’s no way to accurately determine the number of surveys you’ll qualify for or how much money you can make. It depends on your demographic information, the companies Survey Junkie is working with, and the products and services it’s testing. 

Based on this information, Survey Junkie is a legitimate way to make extra money in your spare time, especially if you don’t have much time to dedicate to a side hustle and you like sharing your opinions.

Is Survey Junkie safe?

Just because a site like Survey Junkie is legitimate doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. However, Survey Junkie is both.

Survey Junkie aggregates user responses before sharing them with third parties. According to its privacy policy, “Aggregated data does not include personally identifiable information.” That means your name, email, and other personal information won’t be passed on to third parties.

If you’re concerned about sharing your bank information to transfer your earnings to your account, then you can opt for secure payment through PayPal or an e-gift card instead.

How To Earn Points with Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has two ways to earn points to cash out for money or gift cards, both around the premise of market research and informing brands.

1. Taking Surveys

The most well-known way you make money with Survey Junkie is by taking surveys. After you’ve set up your account at, and redeemed your 25-point sign-up bonus, you can start taking paid surveys right away.

Go to the Survey tab and you will see there is no shortage of survey opportunities. You can choose which type of “research activity” you want, which includes things like online focus groups, product testing, and phone surveys.

With Survey Junkie, you aren’t just answering general questions about politics or your weight. The questions are focused, and they allow you to express your opinion. This, in turn, helps brands deliver better products and services.

Ultimately, you become an influencer for market research companies!

Before you click on and complete surveys, you can see how many points the online survey will earn you. You can also get a time estimate for completing the survey.

Surveys usually range between 10 and 200 points, and they can take you anywhere from a few minutes to 20 or 30 minutes. These are nice features so you have a clear idea of the time commitment and the reward.

2. Sharing Your Behaviors with SJ Pulse

2. Sharing Your Behaviors with SJ Pulse

The second way to make money with Survey Junkie is through their add-on program called “SJ Pulse”, which allows you to share your online activity with brands in exchange for bonus points.

This is done through a browser extension or with an opt-in through the Survey Junkie mobile app.

After the extension learns more about your browsing habits, you’ll find additional surveys unlocked that are relevant and targeted to you.

What activity does it track?

  • What you search
  • Websites you visit
  • Shopping activity
  • Ads you see
  • The content you engage with

This naturally opens the door for several privacy concerns, which the company addresses in the following way:

  1. Like surveys, this information is shared with companies anonymously, so that the insight is shared with the brand but not Jane Smith’s individual history.
  2. The extension ignores sensitive data like email addresses, credit card numbers, passwords, usernames, etc.
  3. If you want to browse privately while the extension is enabled, you can open a private/incognito window, which will disable the extension.

One important note is that in order to earn points with Survey Pulse, you need to keep the extension installed and enabled for 30 days. That means if you opt-in, keep it for a couple of weeks and then change your mind, you won’t be compensated at all.

Survey Junkie rewards

All verified Survey Junkie users can cash out via PayPal, while users in the US also have the option of getting paid by bank transfer or e-gift card.

Survey Junkie doesn’t provide a complete list of e-gift cards they offer to users, but we have seen them mention Starbucks, Target and Amazon.

Above: Graphic from the Survey Junkie homepage sho
Above: Graphic from the Survey Junkie homepage showing some of the available rewards.

Join Survey Junkie For Free

How Much Can You Earn on Survey Junkie?

Most survey jobs pay you several cents to a couple of bucks. You can make $3 to $10 in an hour on Survey Junkie. It’s around the same amount ($3 to $10) a day if you just spend one hour or less on the platform daily.

Your monthly earnings can be around $100 to $300 or more. It all depends on how many surveys you do every day. Taking on every survey you qualify for is how you’ll boost your earnings.

Besides surveys, you could also share your Internet activities with Survey Junkie to earn more.

Pros Cons Of Survey Junkie

Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of what Survey Junkie has to offer:

  • There’s absolutely no cost to join. Never register for a survey site that asks you for cash
  • Points can be exchanged for both cash to PayPal and for gift cards
  • Your information will go toward helping companies improve their products and services
  • Answers that you provide are kept completely anonymous
  • Potential for high earnings (depends on your demographics)
  • Registration bonus of $.25 cents
  • If you’re not eligible for a survey, you’re still given points
  • Depending on numerous factors, the payout also has the potential to be quite low
  • Sometimes you’ll be a few questions in only to find out that you aren’t eligible for a survey
  • Minimum balance of $10 USD needed for Payout
  • Only users from the United States, Canada and Australia can participate with plans to expand
  • Can be time-consuming and tedious if you take low-paying surveys

Survey Junkie affiliate program

Referral Program 10 $1.50 per new account.

This is how some folks earn BIG money with Survey Junkie.

We’ve read of people earning $10,000 or more per month as affiliates for survey sites, and Survey Junkie has one of the best affiliate programs in the business.

Essential info for Survey Junkie affiliates Survey Junkie only accepts traffic from the US, Canada, and Australia. Anyone who clicks on your affiliate link from another country will land on an error page.The payout is $1.50 “per conversion.” Survey Junkie counts a conversion as an email submit, single opt-in.

That second point really separates Survey Junkie from the pack.

Most affiliate programs only pay you once a sale is made, but Survey Junkie pays you just for sending them new users who sign up for a free account.

That’s not to say it’s easy to earn money as a Survey Junkie affiliate. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer usually requires quite a bit of work up front.

Learn more about affiliate marketing »

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay?

Survey Junkie paid me $3.18 for an hour of time taking surveys.  In my experience, this is about average for survey companies, but note that I could not cash these earnings out until I had accumulated at least $5.00 of earnings within Survey Junkie.

However, it should be kept in mind that this amount included the bonus 25 points I received for signing up as well as the bonus 50 points I received for completing my profile.

Also remember that I specifically selected the surveys that would pay me the most for my time.  If I were to spend 8 hours straight taking surveys, the quality of surveys I would be presented with would likely deteriorate, causing me to potentially earn less than three dollars per hour.

What You Should Know About Online Surveys

Taking online surveys can make sense if you have free time to burn, but what else should you know about this industry? Here are a few important factors to keep in mind as you explore the world of online survey sites:

  • Earn more rewards by using more than one platform. Since some survey sites limit the number of surveys you can take each month, many people sign up for multiple platforms and use them all. Also note that some Survey Junkie competitors also offer rewards for watching videos, playing games, or shopping online.
  • Surveys are important to major brands. Surveys offered on sites like Survey Junkie are important marketing tools that provide crucial information companies need. The answers given within consumer surveys help brands customize their products or services to real people like you. 

Signing Up for Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie’s signup process is relatively seamless.

You visit their website, click “Join Now”, enter your email address, click the box to agree to the Survey Junkie Terms and Privacy Policy, and then click “Sign Up”.

You can also use Facebook to sign up as well.

Note that there is no double-opt in for Survey Junkie.

After this, you are taking to a short initial survey that asks for the following information:

  • Your ZIP code
  • Your country
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Your name
  • A password of your choice

Then you click the button “Log In and Start Earning”.

After I completed this step, I received 25 points for signing up.

You’re then asked to complete an initial profile survey for 50 points.  This profile survey asks you the following questions:

  • What pets you own
  • How much of your household’s grocery shopping you do yourself
  • Your living situation
  • Your marital status
  • Your race
  • Whether you speak Spanish
  • Whether you are of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
  • Whether you have children and if you do their genders and ages
  • The highest level of education you have received
  • Your household income level
  • Whether you are a registered voter as well as your political affiliation
  • Your employment status
  • The industry or profession in which you work
  • Your job title, level, or responsibility
  • The number of employees that work at your organization in all locations

After you answer this initial profile survey, you are given 50 points.

After you sign up, you’re ready to start taking surveys.

I will now tell you about the surveys I took and my opinion on their quality.

Survey Junkie vs. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is different from Survey Junkie in one key way: while it does offer surveys, it’s more of an overall online rewards platform than a dedicated survey website.

For example, it offers a cash-back shopping portal and get paid to sign-up offers (read our Swagbucks review to learn more).

If you like more variety when it comes to earning money online, Swagbucks might be a good option for you. As with Survey Junkie, you can get gift cards for your points or redeem them for PayPal cash.

How Much Can I Make With Survey Junkie?

The currency that Survey Junkie uses is a point system with 100 points equivalent to $1 USD. The amount you can earn depends on a number of factors:

  • How many surveys you decide to take
  • Your profile information
  • Location
  • Eligibility
How Many Surveys You Should Take

Survey Junkie wants their users to take only a few surveys per day. While you can obviously take more than this, it might not be worth your time since you’ll only be left with low-paying surveys once the high-paying ones run out.

The reason Survey Junkie doesn’t want you to do this is because users who take many surveys in one sitting tend to rush through them and provide inaccurate information.

In short, their main goal is to get quality survey takers so that companies are provided with the most legitimate information given. For this reason, we suggest only taking a maximum of 5 per day.

Furthermore, we’ve found that the more surveys you take, the higher the quality of surveys you’ll receive in the future. By consistently taking a minimum of 1 – 2 a day, you’ll be seen as a frequent survey taker and be rewarded for your efforts.

Your Profile Information

It’s important that you fill out your profile as accurately as possible. The surveys you are given are based on your preferences that you fill-out when you first create an account. Not only that, but Survey Junkie will check to see if your answers are consistent with one another.

If you end up providing different answers for similar questions, it is possible that they’ll take notice and either suspend your account or stop supplying you with new surveys.


As mentioned above, users from the US and Canada will make the most money. However, Australian users can still make a decent hourly rate. If you have access to Survey Junkie, we highly suggest becoming a member since it’s one of the highest paying survey sites out there.


One of the downsides about Survey Junkie is the eligibility requirements for taking a survey. Although they provide you surveys based on your profile information, this doesn’t mean that you’re able to complete each survey successfully.

For example, sometimes you’ll be taking a survey a few questions in only to find out that you’re not eligible. This is because they might not want you to finish the survey based on the first few answers that you provide.

Thankfully, they tend to usually do this within the first couple of questions. If you end up being ineligible for a survey, they’ll tell you quickly as to not waste your time.

The great thing about Survey Junkie? You’re given a few points if you’re not eligible for a survey. According to their statistics, they typically find that on average users qualify for 1 out of 4 surveys.

So How Much Can I Earn?

In the past, Survey Junkie would claim that you could make $20+ per hour taking surveys online. However, they’ve changed quite a bit. Now they’re honest about their earnings, stating you can only make around $1 – $3 per survey.

For me personally, I’ve found that you can make anywhere from $5 – $12 per hour with Survey Junkie. If you want to earn at a rate closer to $12 per hour, stick to higher-paying surveys that can be completed in a short amount of time.

This means that you won’t actually be spending that much time on the site. There’s a limit to the amount of higher-paying surveys they provide.

If you end up taking every survey that comes across your way, you’ll be on the lower-end earning closer to $5 per hour.

For this reason, stick to the higher-paying ones, even if there’s only a few. Otherwise, it’s not worth your time. Logging-in once or twice a day to check for new survey opportunities is a great way to earn some cash.

Every once in a while I’ll find that I can take a 300 point survey ($3 USD) that will only take 10 minutes! Unfortunately, not all surveys are like this. Expect each survey to take anywhere from 5-20 minutes with the earnings of $1 – $3 per survey.

Keep in mind that it’s important to take surveys consistently. If Survey Junkie notices that you’re logging-in daily to take surveys, they’re more likely to provide with more opportunities to earn cash.

How Do I Get More Higher-Paying Surveys?

Want a higher payout? Take more surveys.

Even if you don’t earn that much at first, Survey Junkie will reward you for being a frequent survey taker. Take 1 – 2 surveys a day for a week and you’ll be given surveys that pay closer to the $3 range that only take about 10 – 20 minutes to complete.

This is how you get closer to making around $12 per hour, and sometimes I’ve earned at a rate of roughly $18 per hour.

Survey Junkie FAQs

Is Survey Junkie legit?

Survey Junkie has some of the best user ratings among paid survey sites. It’s a well-known company that is widely regarded as a leader in the consumer market research field, and we recommend it as a top choice for earning extra money with online surveys. You can refer to the reputation section of this article for an up-to-date summary of Survey Junkie reviews from users of the platform.

How much can you realistically make on Survey Junkie?

If you’re in a desirable demographic and complete three surveys a day you can potentially make up to $40 per month, based on the results of my testing. If you qualify for the product testing or focus group opportunities, you can make between $5 and $100 for each one that you participate in. Unfortunately, focus group opportunities — which pay closer to the high end of that range — are only offered once per month on average.

Do any sites offer higher paying surveys?

We’ve found Survey Junkie to be a high-paying online survey site. However, there are a couple of platforms that offer even higher paying surveys if you’re willing to participate in more complicated research. For example, we tested a platform called User Interviews and earned more than $50 per hour. But while Survey Junkie’s surveys usually take just a few minutes to complete, User Interviews’ typically take 30-60 minutes. Another high-paying survey company is Prolific, which guarantees that you’ll make at least $6.50 per hour as a survey taker. However, these are academic studies, so the company is selective about who it allows on its survey panel (and there’s usually a waiting list to join).

How do you qualify for surveys on Survey Junkie?

In order to qualify for the most surveys possible, be sure to fill out your profile questionnaire completely when you create your account. You’ll be asked a series of demographic screening questions (such as age, gender and income level), as well as screening questions about your interests and lifestyle.The more Survey Junkie knows about you, the more surveys you can qualify for. That’s because companies are often looking for specific subsets of users (e.g., women under the age of 35 who like both gardening and rock climbing). If you fail to provide a full demographic profile, you might miss out on surveys that are targeted to subsets that you’re in.Additionally, active users are rewarded with more survey opportunities, so it pays to log into the site and take at least one survey as often as you can.

How does SurveyJunkie pay you?

You can get paid via PayPal in all participating countries, and U.S.-based users can request a bank transfer. If you choose the PayPal option, you may be required to verify your account over the phone with a Survey Junkie customer service representative.U.S.-based users can also choose to cash out for a digital gift card, but note that as with PayPal payments, this option might require you to verify your account over the phone.

What gift cards does Survey Junkie have?

Gift card options include a range of major retailers, such as Amazon, Groupon, Sephora, Starbucks, Target and Walmart.

How long does it take to get paid from Survey Junkie?

Most rewards are delivered immediately after cashing out your survey earnings, but it can take a bit longer if you’re required to verify your account over the phone.

How do you delete your Survey Junkie account? If you decide to delete your Survey Junkie account, click on your profile, click “Edit” and then “Remove My Account.” Provide your password, and the account will be deleted.