21 Ways to Make Money Online as a Teenager in 2022

What are the Pros and Cons of an Online Job for Teens?

You may be wondering what are the perks of your teen getting an online job (over an offline job). There are many.

For starters, we discussed the convenience factor. If your teen happens to not be able to find a summer job – whether they applied too late, or the teen job market was too hot this time around – then working online as a teenager still gives them a chance to earn their own money that they can use to learn teen money management.

Another convenience factor is you don’t have to coordinate rides or figure out transportation. This is especially helpful for teens who aren’t old enough to drive yet!

Getting an online job as a teen also helps with pushing their initiative.

Think about it:

Many of the jobs I’m about to share with you don’t have concrete deadlines. Sure, they have specific activities your teen has to complete in order to get paid, but your teen gets to choose if they want to take the individual gigs/surveys/etc. or not.

They’ll quickly learn that if they’re not hungry for the gigs, then they simply won’t earn very much money.

That’s a valuable lesson!

Finally, they can work around their own schedule (or the family’s). This is especially helpful if they want to continue working during the school year, or work in the school year and not wait until summer.

Now, let’s look at the cons to getting an internet jobs for teens instead of an offline one.

Here’s a few that come to mind:

  • Your child can suffer from something adult bloggers suffer from – the inability to shut down since they can literally make money anytime, from their laptop. The key is going to be for you, the parent, to monitor their job.
  • Not committing to actual gigs or assignments because there’s not necessarily a boss they have to report to. Again, the parent can act as the accountability partner here by checking in with what online jobs they sign up for, and then checking in to make sure they’ve completed it within the deadline (plus discussions for when they miss deadlines).
  • Not having the social outlet working at a “normal” job can give, whether that be with coworkers, or with customers.
  • Not getting the experience of directly reporting to someone, going through reviews, etc.
  • Not getting experience dealing with customer issues.

Psst: are you a parent? Definitely check out my parenting tip section at the end of this article, which talks about ways to monitor your teen’s online job performance so that you can provide some of the oversight they aren’t going to get with an online job.

Next up, let’s look at the types of online jobs you can get as a teenager.

11. Tutor Kids via Video Chat

As a teen, you have the opportunity to tutor younger students who need some guidance or assistance with a particular subject. While there are many online tutoring platforms, they all require you to be 18 years old (and in many cases, you’ll need a degree). However, that doesn’t mean that no tutoring opportunities exist.

Instead of using an existing platform that matches tutors with students, you can make money as a tutor by finding your own clients. You could do the tutoring in-person, or use Zoom, Skype, or some other video conferencing service to conduct the tutoring sessions virtually.

Finding clients may not be as difficult as you think. You could talk to elementary or middle school teachers, reach out to after-school programs, talk to families you know, place ads on local bulletin boards, start a Facebook page and even create and post some videos to YouTube. 

(You can even make money on YouTube if your videos do well.)

Tutoring is an outstanding opportunity for teens because you can use your existing knowledge to help younger kids. You can also do the work outside of your school hours, whenever it fits into your schedule. And best of all, you can earn a better hourly rate than you might earn with some of the other options that have already been covered.


9. Publish a Newsletter on Substack

Substack is similar to blogging or publishing platforms like Medium, but it’s focused specifically on delivering content by email.

People can subscribe to receive updates when you publish something new. You can offer your newsletter for free, or if you want to make some money, you’ll charge a monthly subscription fee. You can also publish some posts for free and select others to be accessible only for paying subscribers.

People are using Substack to publish everything from comics to financial content, so the options are truly unlimited.

Writers keep 90% of the revenue charged by Substack, minus credit card fees. Here’s a table that shows how much you could make per month based on your subscription price and number of active subscribers (this is before credit card fees, which are usually between 2-3%)

Subscription Fee50 Subscribers100 Subscribers250 Subscribers
$5 per month$225$450$1,125
$7 per month$315$630$1,575
$10 per month$450$900$2,250

Of course, the revenue would continue to increase if you’re able to gain more subscribers or charge a higher monthly fee. 

To have success, you’ll need to provide content that keeps people interested and wanting more. For example, you could cover news or current events for a particular topic or audience.

Publishing a newsletter on Substack could be a good online job for teenagers (you need to be at least 16 to create an account) because it’s flexible work and you can create your newsletter on the topic of your choice.

It’s also ideal for building a business that will grow with you. As long as you have subscribers who continue to pay a monthly fee, you’ll continue to make money. This is a business that you could continue to run part-time in college or when you begin your career.

Some ideas that you could cover:

  1. Newsletter about local events and topics of interest.
  2. A weekly email that recaps events from your high school (think of it as a digital version of a school newspaper).
  3. Video game news (upcoming releases, reviews, gift guides, etc.).

In addition to subscription fees, you can also monetize your Substack newsletter in other ways, like affiliate marketing and sponsorships. In fact, you may choose to publish free content with no subscription fee to grow your audience faster, and then monetize it with these other methods.

Sell Old School Books for Extra Cash


An excellent site for getting rid of your old books for the most money by comparing offers from over 35 book vendors around the globe. You can also download their free app, available for iPhone and Android devices. This will enable you to snap photos of books’ barcodes, saving yourself the time of typing in ISBNs.

RELATED: Sell Your Books Books Online ( Get Paid for Books Reviews Too!)

15. Flip Items

Age Requirement: 18 and older

Payment Method: Paypal, direct bank transfer

If you love those before and after HGTV shows, then you should seriously consider making money flipping furniture and other home decor. 

Rob and Melissa over at Flea Market Flipper have made over $133k in a year, flipping furniture and other home decor finds they sourced from flea markets. 

What’s great about flipping items, is that even teens can start this lucrative side-hustle. 

To get started, you simply need to scour Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist for any used, genuine wooden furniture (not IKEA stuff) or unique household items. Then, you can freshen these up with your handy DIY skills and make money!  

Now, in order to sell your re-stained, re-purposed, and re-painted goods online, you’ll need be 18 or older to sell on all of these online marketplaces. 

But for those of you under 18, you can simply get the help of a parent or guardian who is willing to create and manage the account for you. I’m sure they’d love to help you get an online side-hustle off the ground!

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Making Money Online as a Teen

Moving into the 21st century, you can make money online starting as a teen! There are many different ways to do this, from selling clothes, to playing games, and even taking surveys and sharing your opinion. In this section we’ll take a closer look at the many ways you can earn money, sometimes without even leaving your room.

Tips for Teenagers with Online Jobs

Here are some pointers to help you find success with your online job:

Keep Your Parents Posted

Remember to keep your parents or legal guardians in the loop—they’ll appreciate it. Plus, if you suddenly become richer than them—and they didn’t know where the money came from—they would be worried!

Your parents already know that you’ll learn the value of money when you earn extra cash as a teenager.

Learn on the Job

As you’ll learn, the road to financial independence is paved with patience and hard work. Earning extra money now, as a teenager, will teach you how to succeed when you start making more money later in life.

And these online jobs can teach you a lot about working in the professional world. The same is true for old-fashioned jobs for teens like becoming a babysitter, pet sitter, camp counselor, or grocery bagger. Nothing replaces work experience.

Watch Out for Scams

Unfortunately, the online world is full of scams. When you’re hopeful about starting a new online job, you could fall victim to one of these schemes.

To avoid this, stick to the ideas on my list or vet your job opportunities with these questions:

  • Is the job asking me for money? Whether you’re being asked to buy software or invest in a product, you shouldn’t be parting with money in order to get a job. This is a huge warning sign.
  • Does the employer want me to meet in person? You shouldn’t need to meet an employer in person to become a virtual assistant or a graphic design freelancer. If you do need to meet someone in person, make sure you’re meeting in a safe, public place. And make sure your parents or guardians know what you’re up to.
  • Does it seem too good to be true? You won’t make a hundred grand a year as a proofreader. You won’t become a millionaire by working the survey sites. Over-the-top promises may be strong signals that the job isn’t for real.
  • Are there too many personal questions? Your mother’s maiden name, your middle name, your Social Security number, your bank account numbers… all this info shouldn’t be required for you to get a part-time job or a side hustle gig. Be careful sharing personal data. Identity thieves love to steal credit profiles from young people.

One of the best ways to avoid scams is to source your side hustles from vetted sites. The Steady app compiles legitimate local and national gig economy jobs to help you start earning extra money. It’s 100% free and worth a try if you’re not sure where to start looking.

Get a PayPal Account and a Bank Account for Teens

You may have noticed a lot of jobs on this list pay through a PayPal account, which can link to your bank account.

But PayPal won’t verify an account unless you’re an 18-year-old. So to make this legit, you’ll need help from your parent or legal guardian to set up your accounts.

It’ll take some legwork upfront—and up to 30 minutes of your parent or guardian’s time. But it’ll be worthwhile when you have your own bank and PayPal account set up so you can make money and control where it goes. We recommend starting a checking account to store your money and start building savings for the future.

Learn more:

Online Teen Jobs Sell Your Product

My sister started a book-folding company, and my niece, who is a teenager, does a decent amount of work with it. They sell their book folding patterns on Etsy, through an online FB group, and in other places — it’s doing well, and my niece is gaining lots of experience with selling a product online!

Warning: this is not a get-quick-rich way to earn money online. It takes time to build a product, figure out the marketing and distribution, and sell it for a profit. Still, it’s worth mentioning and possibly your teen working on in their spare time. 

#1: Etsy

Age Requirement: 18 unless a parent or guardian is a co-owner of the shop, then 13 and older


Job Responsibilities: Kids running an Etsy shop will need to learn how to list their stock, advertise, interact with customers including answering customer complaints and questions and ship out products. Teens sell everything from cat toys to felt dolls to handmade artwork and many more items.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Your teen can receive payment either through a check sent in the mail by the buyer or Etsy Payments. With Etsy Payments, the buyer chooses their method of payment, and the money is deposited in your teen’s bank account. If the teen is under 18, the parent/guardian will need to give their own bank account for receiving payments. Be aware that Etsy takes a 5% transaction fee from every sale and another 3% plus .25 payment if you use Etsy Payments. Payments take 3 to 5 days to reach your Etsy account.

#2: CafePress

Age Requirement: 13 and older. Those under 18 must be supervised by a parent

Job Responsibilities: Users can create slogans, logos, graphic designs and pictures to put on products. The more creative your teen is, the better!

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users can earn a royalty on each product that they create and sell, can earn monthly performance bonuses (base price sales of $100 to $500 earn a 10% bonus), or can earn 5% of Marketplace sales. Users can be paid via check (requires a $100 minimum on earnings) or PayPal (requires a $25 minimum on earnings.) Payment is made within 60 days of when the money was earned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make quick money as a teenager?

We've discussed several online and offline options in this article. But you can also think of:

  • Working as a camp counselor
  • Babysitting
  • Pet sitting
  • Working as a referee or umpire
  • Selling clothes on Poshmark
  • Deliver groceries with Instacart
  • Deliver food with Doordash
  • Starting a lawn mowing business
  • Being a lifeguard at your local pool
  • Walking dogs
  • Working at an amusement park
  • Washing cars
  • Setting up Christmas lights
  • Doing maintenance jobs at a golf club
  • Working as a receptionist, and many more!

Do Event Photography

All you need is your first client to start this business. If your customers are pleased with your work then referrals will bring in more. If you don't have a good camera you can even rent one. Take an online photography course to improve your skills and then put the word out there!

Get a Gig as a Musician

Are you a musician or singer? You could join a local band or go it alone by auditioning for gigs at local restaurants and cafes. That is how many professionals get started.

Design Logos and Media

Are you artistic? Got a flair for design? Build up a portfolio of your design work and then freelance using a site like Upwork or Fiverr. With so many new websites popping up these days designers providing a professional service are in great demand. 

Grow your Instagram Account

Specialize in a particular niche and grow your Instagram account 'till you have 40,000 followers. Then you can start charging people to post content on your account. You can charge anywhere from $30 to $300+ for one post, depending on the number of followers you have and their level of engagement.

Do Makeup for Clients

Do you love playing with different looks and watching YouTube videos on applying makeup? Put your passion to work! Try out your ideas on friends and family members, and build up a portfolio of your work. Create a simple website to showcase your talents and then advertise your services online. You could also contact local photographers to let them know you are available to do their clients' makeup. Events such as weddings and parties can bring in a ton of work. This is also a great referral business. 

Write an ebook

Do you love writing? Have fun and live your passion! Do your research if necessary, write your own ebook, and self-publish it on Amazon. You can cover any topic under the sun. From educational books to science fiction stories, everybody is publishing their own book now.  

Monetize Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra cash if you already have a popular blog or website. You promote companies' products on your site and get paid a commission for every sale. You don't have to deal with shipping products or customer support. The more traffic you can get to your site, the better your chances of making money. There are many free courses and Youtube videos available to get you started in this business.

Minimum Wage

Under federal law, workers who are under 20 years old have a lower minimum wage than older workers, but only for the first 90 days of employment. This temporary minimum wage for people under 20 is $4.25 per hour. The minimum wage for adults, and for teens after 90 days of employment, is the same: $7.25 per hour. If the local minimum wage is greater than the federal minimum, you are entitled to the higher amount. You also have a right to discuss how much you are paid with your fellow workers.

How to Make Money Online as a Teen in Canada FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions I receive about ways to make money online as a teen in Canada.

How Can a 14 Year Old Make Money Online Fast?

There are a variety of ways that a 14-year-old can make money quickly online. Several methods outlined earlier in this article that would make money quickly include hosting a car wash, selling unused items, or doing odd jobs around the neighborhood.

How Can a Teenager Make Money Online Legally?

There are many ways for teenagers to make money legally online, as outlined earlier in this post. Be sure to read the fine print when signing up on various websites. Some will require you to have a legal parent or guardian sign up with you, others will not allow anyone under the age of 18 to sign up.

Is It Legal to Work Online as a Teen?

Yes, there are many ways to work online as a teen legally. Most reputable online companies will hire you starting at age 18.

How Do You Get Paid as a Teen Working Online?

Some companies offer hourly wages, while others can pay you by the project or based on their performance standards. Most websites will pay you directly via PayPal, with gift cards, or via check.

Do You Need Parental Consent to Work Online as a Teen?

Most jobs will not require you to have parental consent. Depending on where you live, local laws may require you to get permission from school prior to starting work. If you’re 18 or older, you will not need any parental consent.

Is Working Online as a Teen Safe?

Working online as a teen is safe, but exercise caution when putting your information anywhere online. Be sure that you’re only entering your information on reputable websites that aren’t trying to steal your information.

More Side Hustles for Teens To Make Money Online


You will need to install Qmee on your browser before you can make money off it. It will show some advertisements when you are online, and you will get paid for each ad that shows. If you click an ad, you will have money deposited into your account with Qmee. Payment is made into PayPal regardless of the amount earned.


You will simply get paid to do something you love – shop. If you’re planning to go out shopping, simply take a peek at the app, check the rewards for specific products and then head out and make some cash back. New users earn $10 the moment you sign up. Your rewards can be cashed out in the form of gift cards, Venmo, and PayPal.


If you love making videos then this may be the ideal channel for you. You will need to enable monetization and sign up with AdSense. Depending on the viewership your content gets you will be able to make good money.

If you have a speaking voice that is clear and are interested in voiceovers then you should consider this website. There is no age requirement for this site. Create a profile and upload a voice sample. You can expect to earn no less than $100 per job. There are various membership levels for voice talent, including a youth discount for a child and teen members.

Boostapal Ambassador Program 

Teens 13 and up can earn by introducing new people to the website. You can make as much as $60 every week with referrals.


You need to be 14 at least to sign up and create a profile detailing your skills. Simply bid for the jobs that fit your profile, and you are confident you can do well. As you build your reputation, you will be able to earn about $10 hourly.

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