Genuine Mazda Recaro Sports Seat for 2016+ Miata [ND] MX5NDREC6SPLH

Additional Information

Stock Location

Japan Stock



Car Model

Mazda MX5 Miata Eunos

Car Application

Mazda MX5 – NA, Mazda MX5 – NB, Mazda MX5 – NC

Seat Model

Bride Old Model Bottom Mount (Brix I, Ergo I, XAX I, Digo, Euro II), Bride New Model Bottom Mount (Brix II, Ergo II, ProS), Recaro Bottom Mount (SR series, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5) WILL NOT FIT SR6 or SR11, Bride Recaro Sparco etc. Side Mount (All standard side mount models)


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Miata Seats by Category

We’ve put the best Miata seats into three categories:

  1. Street-Daily Seats: These are the best Miata seats for street or road use. They’re the most comfortable of the three and are often reclinable and cloth-made.
  2. Bucket Seats: These seats offer greater ergonomic support but aren’t as comfortable. They’ll keep you locked in place so you have more control over your vehicle.
  3. Racing Seats: These are the most uncomfortable seats of the three, but are best for competition use, where comfort comes after safety. They often offer the best protection for you in the event of a crash, and shed unnecessary weight.


Best Miata Seats For Any Application

Since they’re the component that is literally closest to you, the right seat can make all the difference to your car.

A previously uncomfortable car can be a dream to sit in simply by changing the seat.

Choosing the right seat will will depend on your individual needs. Here are three of our favorites:

  • Best Seat for Track Use: Seibon Carbon Kevlar Type-FC Bucket SeatWith its Kevlar design and stiffness, Seibon’s Type-FC is one of the best bucket seats for Miatas. If you’re looking for the most durable, strongest, and longest-lasting seat, go with the Seibon Carbon Type-FC bucket seat.
  • Best MX5 Seat for Comfort: Mugen MS-Z Semi Bucket SeatIt’s semi bucket design gives it ergonomic driver support and is more comfortable than traditional bucket seats, making it one of the best Miata seats for comfort and driver support.
  • Best Aftermarket Miata Seat for Value: Corbeau A4 Reclinable Race SeatWhen taking price into consideration, the Corbeau A4 is one of the best Miata seats money can buy. It is lightweight, comfortable, and is great for performance. The best of all worlds.