BMW Individual Launches Interactive Visualizer


The exclusive way to display character: experience fascinating works of art, perfect editions and inspiring BMW Individual equipment features – and explore the many and varied opportunities of BMW Individual through selected examples.Read more

Managing Editor Greg Rasa

Ideal Configuration: BMW M550i in Zanzibar II over

Ideal Configuration: BMW M550i in Zanzibar II over Canberra Beige “Vernasca” leather

Man, so many great colors! The blues alone make it hard to choose. I always pick orange in these things, and both Sunset Orange and Fire Orange III are tempting. But Zanzibar is a bit more subdued. It might be handsome in real life — hopefully bronze, or as the name implies, the color of nutmeg or cinnamon. Plus, it’s fun to say Zanzibar.

Tacky configuration: BMW M440i in Limerock Gray, a

Tacky configuration: BMW M440i in Limerock Gray, and yeah, the interior’s gray too

I played with some out-there colors on this configurator, like Mint Green or Velvet Orchid. But you know what: Even though this palette has a vast array of fantastic colors, it also has two dozen varieties of whites, grays and blacks. Two dozen! Why?! So here’s a gray over gray car, like all the millions of other gray cars on the road. I say it’s tacky to choose this. It’s at least drab and bleak, when BMW is willing to sell you something cool. So come on, dealers and buyers, please stock and buy some colorful cars — live a little.



Select your BMW M Automobile and take advantage of the many and varied equipment options from BMW Individual to express your personality.


Express your style. And do it with finesse. Choose the immaculate BMW Individual fine-grain Merino leather. It turns the interior of your BMW into an exclusive and equally personal statement. And the best part of all is that BMW Individual offers you an impressively large range of materials, colours and combinations. From particularly sporty as well as athletically elegant and luxurious via single-coloured or Bicolour, with discreet contrasting seams or an exclusive contrast stitching through to combinations with finest Alcantara. This varied selection of exclusive leather upholstery options allows you to design your BMW down to the finest detail fully in line with your preferences.


In designing the details of the interior with immaculate fine-grain Merino leather, BMW Individual leaves you a completely free hand. From the choice of colours to the composition of impressive leather coverings in Bicolour, everything is possible. Masterly contrasting stitching produces an exclusive character. Personalised signets and monograms form highlights of individualisation.

Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski

Ideal Configuration: BMW M340i xDrive in Verde Erm

Ideal Configuration: BMW M340i xDrive in Verde Ermes over Tartufo leather I kept this one simple. The standard 3 Series looks so much better than the garish M3 that I had to downgrade on performance to choose an attractive car. Deep metallic green with a hint of yellow in the highlights is classically beautiful, at least I think so. I paired it with a brown leather interior.

Tacky Configuration: BMW 430i Convertible in Dakar

Tacky Configuration: BMW 430i Convertible in Dakar Yellow over Tacora leather Oof. It’s just so bad, I don’t know what to say. I actually think the M3 and M4 have even less attractive fascias than the standard 4 Series, but since the Ms are all blacked out I couldn’t mismatch brightwork and blackwork like I could with the droptop abomination you see above. The chrome lipstick combined with the under-stache air opening is bad. The number plate smack dab in the middle is worse. The too-small wheels and red leather interior complete the tackiness trifecta. I’m sorry I made you look at it.