2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition is the lifted, AWD minivan of your dreams

What is Boondocking?

If you are curious about what boondocking is and why a spacious car has become important to our family… Boondocking is also sometimes referred to as Overlanding: the act of staying (almost anywhere you want) on public land that is off-the-grid with generally no camping amenities, such as flush toilets, showers, trash service, faucet water, and the like. There usually is no reservation or fee involved to stay. You take everything you need with you in your car and spend the night there. I tried it once and had become a fan of this type of activity since, especially during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic where social distancing had been very important! My entire family went boondocking earlier this month and saw the appeal despite having been surrounded by unforgiving, yet beautiful ruggedness ready to be explored.

Boondocking at Joshua Tree NP, CA (2021) Boondocking near Sequoia NP, CA (2020) Boondocking at Joshua Tree NP, CA (2021)

Step 3: First, We Cut

Cutting the fenders was first on the “honey-why-are-you-doing-this-list”. It was nothing a sawzall and some blue tape couldn’t resolve and it all went as expected. The tape was to keep the paint from getting too chowdered from the tool scraping across it.


Step 9: Need More Height

WIth the wheels now clearing the strut tower they technically fit, but I didn’t have enough height. The wheels did not turn to full stop and any compression of the suspension made things rub. I needed to lift the front end as well.

I tried the rubber coil spring spacers again but I was not getting the room I needed. I had to do something more aggressive. I researched online the ways people lift cars. I especially looked at the people who build “Donks” knowing that many of those cars are not getting a huge suspension lift, they are getting some sort of workaround or janky hack.

That’s when I found out about the bottom strut lift.

This method is popular with “donk” builds as well as Subaru Forester guys who lift their cars for offroad use.

What is a rear entry minivan?

A minivan with a real entry includes a ramp-like structure which is located in the backside of the minivan. The ramp opens itself to offer ample height for making it easier to lift a wheelchair with a person on it into the vehicle. Within the van, the area with a low levelled floor can accommodate a lot of people and even wheelchairs with the help of a harness mechanism that attaches the wheelchairs/scooters to the minivan. 

The area of the lower floor differs in size as it is based on the model of your minivan. However, whichever minivan you buy, its height will be lower towards the front row. However, if you are driving a rear entry minivan, then you would find the requirement of transferring yourself to the front seat. 

Minivans with rear entry have very good affordability since the structural transformation that needs to be made to the van originally are a bit less. A minivan with rear entry may have various configurations for seating as well as a ramp that can be self foldable. 

There are other off-road bits packaged into the Woodland Special Edition

2022 Sienna Woodland Special Edition | Toyota
2022 Sienna Woodland Special Edition | Toyota

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Toyota added a 1,500-watt power outlet in the back, roof rails for some extra hauling utilization, and 18-inch wheels. There are also contrast-stitched interior bits and blacked-out trim outside. And don’t forget a standard tow hitch is also included. 

A 1,200-watt JBL audio system is also part of the package along with second-row captain’s chairs. Kick-activated sliding doors are a nice touch. Only two colors are offered; “Cement” and Midnight Black. Toyota’s marketing people need to come up with better paint names than Cement. 

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